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Man Slice His 85years Old Father With Machete Over Land Related Issue in Imo State

After reporting the News of A 38-year-old man has been remanded for allegedly killing his stepmother.

Suspect complained that his stepmother, Augustina Odio was always appearing in his dreams and telling him that she was responsible for his lack of progress that's why he killed her. Read the Full Story Here

Here comes another related News. A man aged 85 has been brutalized by his own son in Imo state over land Issue.

The 85years Old man after selling his piece of Land called his children together and shared the money among them. After everyone has parted their various ways.

Reports says that the last son of the man attacked him with a machete saying the Man gave him little money out of the huge money gotten from the Land sold. 

He was lucky to be rescued by neighbors who heard his shouts while his son was cutting him with knife. 

This incident happen in Umuezee Nguru, Aboh Mbaise in Imo state. 

Reports says that his Son tried to escaped but was caught in Ahiara Junction while he was trying to enter a bus from Mbaise to Umuahia, Abia State. 

Currently he is in the police net while the Old man is receiving treatment in the hospital.

What Do You Think Should Be Done to The Boy? 

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