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Market Woman Caught After Mixing Human Blood With Palm Oil

News from Ghana says that a shocking incident has happened as a woman was seen mixing palm oil with human blood to sell to customers who come to her to buy the oil and go use to cook.

Market Woman Caught After Mixing Human Blood With Palm Oil

According to an eye witness by name Mrs. Mbadiwe who saw all that happened and narrated it to the police who came for the woman .

Speaking on the matter,she stated that the palm oil woman called Angelina Okonkwo came to join them sell palm oil at the market but her oil kept been sold earlier than theirs and she always wondered what the woman was doing that they weren’t doing right.

She stated that the woman mostly comes in morning and by 2 pm she is done selling her things which prompted her to watch out for the woman and see what she had been doing.

Upon careful tracking, she stated that they were able to catch her this morning mixing the items before setting up her things. She received some beatings from the youth and was later carried away by the police .

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