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Mom Always Drugs Me and Force Me to Sleep With Men for Money

A 20 year old lady whose name is Jennifer Lawrence, have taken to social media to narrate how her step mother maltreated her to the extent of luring her into prostitution.

She said :
I lost my parents when I was 5 years old, so i was forced to go and stay with this my wicked step mother, we was living happily not until when i clocked 15 years she called me, and told me that i have to start working, I was shocked and i asked her which type of work do she want me to start knowing fully well that am still in secondary school. 

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She gave me a dirty slap that day which i cried throughout the day, she told me that I have start prostituting so she can be paying my school fees, which i told her no i can’t do such thing, she nodded her head and said okay we shall see.

So ever since that day, when ever i eat from the house i must fall asleep and when i wake up i will see sp£rm all over my body and private part, for over one week this continues and, i learnt that she has been putting sleeping pills in the food she left for me to eat and when i slept off she will call people that will sleep with me, i confronted her and asked her what she has been doing to me, she told me that since i don’t want to do it the easy way that she have to do it by force.

I cried and cried for two days, which i have decided to leave the house for her, and i have gone to report the case to the nearest police station she is now in police custody.

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