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Must Read: Latest Dreaded Methods Ritualists Use In killing People This Days

In this present days and world we live in, so many ritualist have gone out to search for easy way to make thousands & millions of money, they have advanced passed the method of kidnapping, eating of excrete, drainage of blood, making waves with vital human parts, what they do is that they compuerize their system by making the system very simple and easy to gain access to human.

Take caution while reading because this is a true life story; Someone would deliberately send call card to you which is known to be credit to you and would instantly call you telling you that he or she made an error by sending a call card to you and that you should check your inbox to verify the message and would make a request, pleading with you not to touch or use the card and that he wanted to send it to his grandfather.

Then some for a couple of minute, in other cases it taked days later. if you refuse to touch or load the card, mind you the card could worth #500, so it might entice you to load. He would call u back showing gratitude to you for not using the card he sent to your inbox, and he would tell you that his grand pa wants to speak with you and offer pray for you.

After you might have agreed with that, he will give the phone to the old man and then, The man will begin by saying “God bless you my child, you will never lack of any good thing in life, u shall be great in life, pronouncing blessings on you and praying for you. At that same point ringing a bell while stylishly sending fake prayer’s.

At this point in time you just have to take caution and be smart, what ever preaching or word of prayer he render on you, just keep spilling the blood of Jesus, you shouldn’t say an amen to the prayers or reply him because if you do, they would immediately be able establish a contact with you by draining the vital part of your body spiritually.

After making the Call, you may find your self been afflicted by a strange illness instantly or you slept off, in most cases blood will be gushing out from the victims sense organ such as; mouth, nose, eyes, ears and even on the skin at that point due to choas. victim might die if not prayed for because medical wise nothing can be detected to be the cause since it is a spiritual case, please take caution.

Please do your best to be vigilant during this period because the evil ones are moving about and would go any length all for money.

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