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My Father Inlaw Named My Son Covid. Please What I Do I Don't Like the Name

Am from Benue and my husband is Bayelsa. I put to bed last month to God be the Glory after 5years.

From the forth day after i put to bed, my father in law started calling my son Covid.

I told my husband I don’t like it and I will not agree for it even my parents said they won’t agree and i should divorce.

My husband insisted that the name must be in his documents and passport and Co. Imagine, my husband is fully in support of the name.

I don’t understand, my Husband started saying am rude for calling his father an illiterate Fisherman.

For God sake, this is my first child. Am very weak at this point.

I don’t even know if i should pray or what, this is devil at work.

My Husband and I have not fight since all these years now he is very angry at me.

Please someone should advice me on what to do in a situation like this.

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