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My Husband Removed my Womb Without My Consent

This is a true life issue shared by one of our readers.

There’s a couple in my neighbourhood, the husband ran to our house accusing his wife of destroying his properties and setting his clothes on fire.

This is because she kept giving birth to more children despite their agreement not to have more than 2 children. At the birth of the 4th child, the husband connived with the doctor to remove her womb.
Recently she fell sick and was having some severe pains inside her body, she underwent a series of medical tests including ultrasound scan, that was when it was discovered that her womb is missing and the pains she was having was from the affected part of the body during the removal of the womb.
However, a corrective surgery was carried out and she was back on her feet after two weeks.

Now, knowing full well that she knew nothing about the disappearance of her womb, she called her husband and asked the whereabouts of her womb. At first, he denied knowing anything about it but he opened up when the woman threatened to inform the world that he has removed her womb for ritual.

Now, she’s furious and demanding that her womb be restored by her husband.

Was it right for the doctor to have done that without her consent?

Is it possible for her to get her womb back?

If you were the lady, what would you do?

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