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My Lady is Yet to Get Over her First Love... What Do I Do?

I am in a relationship with the lady I called the love of my life.

I’ve been trying to get her for years since she was in a serious relationship and wouldn’t even give me chance.
Somehow, destiny later brought us together as she broke up with the guy she was dating based on the guy’s unfaithfulness to the relationship.

As a sharp guy I am, I quickly got closer to her immediately I heard she has broken up with the guy. I gave her every kind of moral and physical support she needed.

When I noticed she was okay and ready for a relationship, I proposed to her and without wasting time she gave me a YES answer.

Is now one year and three months started dating but she is still not over her ex-boyfriend.

I’ve caught her several times crying while holding the guy’s picture, she checks him up on social media every time and even mistakenly calls me his name.

My girl is yet to recover from the heartbreak but the guy in question is living fine with another lady.

I love her so much but I don’t know how to make her get over this Ex which is her FIRST LOVE and be happy with me again.

It is evidence that she is not full concentration to our relationship and this is really hurting me but she doesn’t know.

Please, how can I help her get over her first love?

I’ll appreciate your advice…


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