My Landlady is Evil! Read What Happened to Her After I Killed This Animal in the Night

A man named Peter narrates how he became free from the shackles of a wicked Landlady. This story is alleged but I have to share it. 

You know why? Nothing is impossible in the world. 

Read Him Below:

I am a resident of Benin in Edo state. I have been living in a rented apartment for four years now, One day I got involved in an argument with my landlady over increase of house rent, We argued because I refused to let her increase my house rent.

Since that argument,I felt as if my landlady became very angry with me as she didn’t want to talk to me or even greet me anymore.

Before this coronavirus,I had a well paying job and a dependable income but immediately the pandemic spread to the state, I lost my job.

Since I lost my job,life has been very difficult for me.I couldn’t even eat a proper meal,my electricity was disconnected just because I didn’t have any money to foot the bills. 

My girlfriend also left me because i couldn’t give her money like before.

After she left,I became very devastated and I grew tired of life with each passing day.

But something was telling me that I shouldn’t give up just yet,so i still relented.

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Even at that,things grew worse as my debts started building up.I tried alot of ways to make money but none of them was substantial.

So last week,I was sitting on my bed when i heard some movements underneath it.At first,I ignored the sound but with time time it grew louder.So when I bent down to see what was making the sound,a strange animal jumped at my face.

I quickly stood up and run outside,after which I went to call my neighbors.Then they came and brought out the creature.

They were shocked to see the animal in my house because I live in an urban area,hence there isn’t any bush near it.So after we caught it,I took my machete and killed it.

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But immediately I cut the animal,my landlady started screaming from inside her house.

After which she had to be rushed to the hospital.Since then,my phone has been buzzing with calls from people asking me to come for employment.

My girlfriend has returned to apologise to me for leaving me earlier,everything is booming now. .
It’s been three days that my landlady has been hospitalized and she’s been asking me to go and see.I don’t want to go and see her because I am still angry over the argument we had earlier.

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