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My Wife Wants to Go Back to School, Am Afraid She Might Start Flirting - Man Seeks for Advice

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"Good morning writing tO u because am sure you are the one teaching my wife all that she learns...u and jovial mum and amanda chisom..because she has a book were she writes things down and writes the name of the person that said wife is just 20..tho I have been impressed in the way she does things...In the way she is developing.

"But my worry now is wife is saying she wants to go back to school. I married her two years ago..I dint no she will want to go to she has a child for me.

" She has been saying she wants to complete her school for everyone?..tho she is very intelligent.. But I don't want it.

" my wife's family are rich...she has even said I shouldn't worry about school bills...but I refused.. I don't want her to leave my sight.. She's very young and beautiful. 

" Who knows weda she will start flirting...I have talked tire...we stay in otukpo,and my wife has been complaining that this environment is making her worse..that the environment is not improving her...I told her to manage.but since this two years,she's just growing lean..shes not happy here. 

"There is no school here and she said she will move to the east where her family resides.

" But am not OK. I don't no how to convince her to stay here and forget school...but she will tell me her happiness matters too..and she wants to become somebody..but I love her even as she is nobody..but she no wan hear.

" I even told her that I will cheat on her..and she said "if it will make me happy,that she wants to pursue what will mk her happy" Just imagine wat am going through.. Pls talk to her. 

"I no she will see this...I want the young lady I married.. I don't know where she's getting all this from..advice her..Pls help me post..I will be reading comments." 

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