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Nawa o! This Woman caught Her Husband Cheating And Ended Up Begging To Stay In The Marriage, Read Why

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This woman found out through her husband’s laptop that he is cheating on her. She tried confronting him and he turned it against her because she doesn’t have a job to support the family. Instead, she finally became the one who begged him to continue to stay in the marriage. She is still hurt by the whole event and wants advice from people.

Read the story below.

Please, I want some advice. I’m a 32-year-old mother of 3. I have been married to a Nigerian man since 2016, he is a kind and good father to our kids. He takes care of our family very well but we are always fighting because he is used to hiding so many things from me.

He is not that open to me, he doesn’t share all his plans and what problems he is facing at any time. He chooses to share it with his friends to the point that I feel so useless to him.

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One day I opened his laptop and in there, I saw so many things that hurt me so much. Some girls sent their naked photos to him and he was enjoying watching them.

When I confronted him, his reasons were that all those girls are nothing to him, he gave me so many reasons that I could not accept till now. Then he asked me to leave his house and asked me for divorce which I felt so bad about. He even said that I made his life so miserable because it is only he who is working and supporting the family.

Then he started complaining that he struggled too much for our family and he is tired already. I begged him and asked him to forgive me because I touched his things and confronted him even when I knew that what he did was not good.

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Till now I feel so hurt and I cannot forget what he said to me. I have lost my trust already for him because every time of the day, he is always busy with his phone and flirting with girls.

What should I do? Should I ignore what is he doing or should I take action about this? Sorry for my grammatical errors please, I just need some advice.

Thanks a lot

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