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Please Read: Fastest Ways Fraudster Can Get Your BVN And ATM From Your Account

There are many places where fraudsters can get your bank details. Fraudsters can obtain your contact details such as BVN, ATM number, PIN code and account number in several ways.

I’ll give you 5 places fraudsters can get your bank details to withdraw money from your account Bank officials

There are bank officials who work for fraudsters. Some have even gone to the extremes to work in collaboration with thieves to rob in the bank. So don’t support it. Any official working for fraudsters can disclose your bank details.

Unregistered loan website

Many people apply for a loan through a website. The website may ask you to enter your BVN, card number or account number. Some even ask for your ATM card number and PIN code.

The problem is that some of these loan sites are unregistered sites and are not secure. First check the website address very well. A well secure site will look like “https // www” if you can’t find “s” at the back of http, run for your life.

Social media.

When you put your phone number that you use in bank on social networks, fraudsters can retrieve it and use it to call you that your ATM has blocked.

Please delete any number you know are attached to your bank account from all your social media and put another number.

Online form

There are links to online forms that people circulate on WhatsApp and Facebook that Dangote, Atiku or Buhari distribute N100,000 to people.

If you are interested, complete this form and the form normally contains the account number, account name, telephone number, BVN etc.

Please do not complete this form, they are fraudsters to obtain your bank details

Documents discarded from bank cleaners.

Certain banking problems require you to write a letter of resolution including your account number, your account name, your BVN and your telephone number.

If you made a mistake in such a letter and the banker asks you to rewrite the letter.

Whoever is willing can enter the fraudster’s hand when the bank has disposed of it. Make sure you pick it up and take it home.

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