(Video) CCTV Caught Two Colleagues Making Out in a Hidden Area During Working Hours

A video going viral captured a romance section of two colleagues making out in their working place when they should be busy with work. 

Maybe they are lovers or friends with benefits but at least they should halt their romance until they are out from work. 

Office Romance is one thing almost all corporations frown on and this could be a straight up reason for them to be Sacked. 

Several jobs barres workers from dating colleagues not to talk of using office hours to engage in s£xual activities. The company they work for is not gonna take it lightly with them trust me. 

This is gonna paint the company black. 

A video that is going viral on the internet sees two job colleagues making nonsense of the above mentioned rule.

Two workers in a uniform which suggest they work at a restaurant were caught on camera making love.

The footage looks it was captured by CCTV installed at their work place.

Below is the video.

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