What He Did To Me Because I Said Am Not Sleeping With Him

This guy ask me to come to his house yesterday which was Friday and stay through the weekend.

I came from a far place, Iyana Iba Side. I arrived at his place by 6pm. 

When i got there, he started making moves on me, i told him that is not why I came to stay with him. 

Am not there to sleep with him, let's cuddle all through the night and watch Netflix through the weekend including other fun games. 

Hmm! On hearing this he said I should start going back to my home. Initially i thought he was joking but when I saw his red eyes i know this guy is really serious. 

He carried my bag outside say i  should get out. The most annoying part is that he didn't give me money for cab. 

Yesterday was a bad day for me, rain beat me to stupor, i spend more than 2 hours on the road because of traffic and rain. Before i reached my house it was already 10pm.

In the bus in entered with the money i have, people were coughing anyhow beside me. 

God will punish him and his family, his Sp£rm will not generate any thing good in his life. 

Men are Scum. 

So a lady can't visit a man again without them doing something?

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