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What I Did With My Wife's Underwear I Didn't Know It Will Stop Us From Having Children

Nwodu Dominic shared this story on his blog. According to him he, a young man whose name is Obiora Edeh from Enugu State narrates the story. 

Read what Obiora Wrote to Nwodu Dominic. 

I am occultic business man whose business was going very well I was enjoying wealth until i wanted to get married to my wife and noticed a downfall in my business and everything i have started going down.

Like i earlier said i am an occultic man who specializes in business am ashamed of myself that’s why am revealing this to Public.

I have been an occultic man for over 10 years now and the grand master never asked me for any sacrifice so i was very happy. So when i noticed downfall in my business when i wanted to marry my beloved wife so i went to him to know what the problem is.

He told me that i have to pay the dowry of my wife as soon as possible and submit her pant to him so i can restore my wealth and everything and accepted immediately not knowing what is involved.

So after everything i did as the grandmaster instructed me to do.

So we lived as husband and wife for over 5 years and we can’t even give birth to animal talk more of human being i went back to the grandmaster to know if he can help me solve the Issue and he told me that i have sacrificed my wife’s womb when i submitted her pant to the temple i was very shocked to hear that but there is nothing i can do about it.


I cried throughout that day as i revealed it to my wife as she was Very dissapointed at me and vowed never to forgive me.

He told Dominic Nwodo.
So dear wonderful readers what do you think about Obiora?

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