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What My Brother Inlaw Did to Me When Everybody was Away

This is story of what my so called brother inlaw did to me when my parents was away for some hours abd and my sister who happens to be his wife is in their house. 

I never expected such from him because i trusted him with my last blood because of the kind of closeness we have. 

Please read my story below:

My name is blessing and I’m 18 years old. I have been really finding it hard to speak up but I can can’t because I love my sister a lot. I’m really depressed, never felt a thing like this will happen to me.

It really hurts because I loved him so much. I guess i should start somehow my sister’s husband is 26. They started dating when I was 10, so i remember him most of my life, i mean most of which i can remember. 

He was always very nice with me, would always bring me something, like a chocolate bar or something. We were relatively poor so I always look forward to his arrival.

When I was 13 he moved in and started staying with us so we became more close I would say he was like a brother to me or maybe a father because he helped us a lot. He would cook for me often, help me with my hobbies. 

Its really disgusting now, but I remember how I wished that my sister would die/didn’t exist and he was my boyfriend that was how much I cared for him, I trusted him.

So that was how things went till a day when my mom told me to stop my music group for a while till after my exams. 

He lived with my sister in another location but that day he came to cheer me up after my mum left, he cooked,we were having fun and he brought alcohol and we drank i have never drank alcohol all my life and we started dancing later when the effect of the alcohol started showing he started say romantic things to me which I shunned him immediately.

My heart stop when I noticed he went to lock the door I felt I should run away but I couldn’t my eyes were heavy he held my arms and dragged me forcefully and that was how he took advantage of me I was crying, unable to say a word because I was a virgin before that.

I don’t know how many hours I cried but when my parents came back home i managed to get back in shape. Nut deep down l was hurt I felt like killing myself. 

I can’t tell anyone because I don’t want to ruin my family or my sister’s marriage. My sister will never believe me and she will hate me, my mother will also be heartbroken can’t tell anyone, I don’t want to ruin my family. Me sister will not believe me and hate me, my mother would be heartbroken. I don’t know what to do

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  1. Although the truth is bitter, you need to say it out to free the real touYou that has been hurt inside

  2. Parent should take care for their children's especially female because some people used to build relationship so that to achieve some certain aims.


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