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What My Husband Did to Me When A Video Of My Explicit Affair With Another Man Went Viral – Woman Speaks

What this man did to his cheating wife, most of us can never do it. Just imagine your wife cheat on you and the video was recorded. 

The man she cheated on you with used the recorded video to blackmail your wife, may be one thing happen the video Leaked. What are you gonna do to your wife if you see the Video? 

A middle-aged married woman whose name has been given as Maame Mary is contemplating ending her life after an explicit video of her and a younger man having bouts of intercourse has gone viral in her vicinity.

According to reports in the local media, the woman said she was invited for a drink by the man who she thought was her friend.

After taking some shots, she realized she was tipsy, and then she went off.

She said she woke up to the realization that she was in bed with a then young man not knowing the young man had recorded their affair and sent it to people in their community.

Maame Mary said the video of her having intimacy with the younger man went viral and people who noticed she was the one came to her shop to mock her for sleeping with another man although she is married.

She says she’s contemplating ending it all by committing suicide but her understanding husband has stood by her and that has given her hope.

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