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Why You Shouldn't Give Out Your Child As Maid, Read What Happened to This Little Girl

A middle-aged man has been arrested for allegedly giving his house help severe beatings for not fetching bathing water for him.

According to reports, the suspect one Hillary Apeh from Enugu state was said to have severally assaulted the victim with marks all over her body.

A resident of the area called stateman recounting the incident said it was barbaric and inhumane.

 “We found the girl along the street fetching water at night with a swollen face and bruises all over her body.

When we asked her what happened, she could not talk because she had lost her voice while crying.

We quickly reported the matter to the police and the man was summoned together with his wife. He told the police that he beat the girl because he came back from market and there was no water at home for him to bathe.

This man’s first daughter is older than this innocent girl, yet he could not demonstrate his anger on his own daughter for not fetching water.” Stateman said

 Police have since zoomed into investigations into the matter.

 It is surprising that people go in for house helps but are unable to take of them.

 There must be a law that will state how house helps must be treated.

It heartbreaking to see a young child being used as house helps and are heavily maltreated .

 Parents should learn to keep their children with them rather than giving them to people.

 Why give birth if you cant take care of the person but will rather expose the person to abuse and maltreating from others .

Am of the Opinion That The Man and His Wife Should Pay for All Damages Done to the Little Girl

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Jocular joy said…
Yes they must pay fr the damage and bruises they cause on the innocent girl
What heartless man he needs to be damage s and bruises that they caused that poor girl girls body he to be sure against that behavior performed
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