Women are Heartless, I Can Use My Man Thing And Swear For Her

I cheated on my girlfriend and and she found out. I begged and begged she said she will forgive me if i give her head on her period. 

*What is giving head? She be ritualist? 😂 *

I said i will think about it, one the second day of her period I went to her house. On arrival she was already ready for the Game. 

I did what she asked for. I gave her head because I wanted the relationship to continue, i swallow lots of blood and some even entered my nose. 

*Imagine what my fellow guy did*

After doing it, i brushed my teeth with warm water and salt. We later went to the mall for shopping, i thought everything is okay until she sent me message saying that it's over. 

She added that it was over since Just Want to use me as a Guinea big to experience how head on period is like. 

*Just Legodi*

She blocked me everywhere on social media, am currently in deep pains. I feel used and abused, why are women wicked like this? 

This is a lady I planned to marry, I can nak€d myself and curse her. 

I will show her true nature to any man that will want to marry her, even if it's on her wedding day i will send photos and informations i have about her affairs with married men to her future husband. 

What's Your Say About This? 

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