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Zee World: This is fate 2 – Friday update 19 June 2020

This is fate 19 June 2020: Karan sees Preeta in a romantic style.Prithvi is walking when the Inspector comes and ask that he is not able to understand where they have met, Prithvi says that he has met in the police academy, the police however is not convinced and says that he cannot remember, Prithvi says that it was the Mumbai police and Karina is taking Sherlin, she is however hesitant and says that it is not a good idea, Sherlin says that she has to lie and it will not be a problem, Sherlin tries to make sure that Karina disagrees,

however Karina says that she has to lie and they know that Prithvi was in the party because Preeta said that she was there so she can say that she was with him. Karina takes her phone so that she can record their conversation, she makes her realize that if she makes Manisha says they truth than the whole if the family will have a new respect for her.

Sherlin enters the room, Karina hides in the back, Sherlin says to Manisha that she knows that Karan did not molest her, Manisha is not convinced and says that everyone knows this so she must say something new, She says that she must not marry Karan, Manisha gets angry and holds her by the neck, she sees Karina and puts the blame of the molestation on her, she cannot stand it and comes in warning Manisha to never do anything of the sort, Manisha says that she must not do what she done today and Sherlin is the one who hired her to charge Karan on molestation.
Rakhi calls Mahesh, Dadi says that Manisha is not the same anymore, Mahesh starts to joke, both of them get angry and start to beat him, he asks them to not start with this torture, Rakhi tells that she only wants to make him realize that Manisha is not a good girl for her family and when she did this on the first day then they cannot understand what she will do after she comes to their house. Dadi is holding his mouth and when she frees him he says that they must stop this torture, he getting sacred leaves.

Rishab calls his subordinate and asks him to bring the details of the cadets that were in the police academy in 2012, h thinks that now he will bring the truth of Prithvi in front of everyone.

Karan ask Preeta to come and massage his head as it is paining, Janki comes asking Preeta to giver mobile as she has to text Sarla. Prithvi seeing this get angry and says that he will make sure that Karan pays for this act.

Preeta leaves to bring the medicine, Janki comes to take her place, she yes that she has learned this from Preeta.
Manisha is with Karina and Sherlin and trying to get on their nerves, she makes Karina really angry and so they both leave her room.

Manisha calls Prithvi explaining the whole situation to him, how Sherlin came and was about to make her confess the truth, Billa hearing this gets mad and plans to kill her, Manisha escapes from his attack and learns his true identity, he flees from the room promising that he will tell their truth to everyone.

Prithvi comes to Manisha, he asks why she said that Sherlin is ruining her life, she says that she came on behalf of Karina and was about to make her. confess the truth, she is safe because she smarter, Prithvi apologizes on behalf of her, Manisha says that he must worry of Billa because he is in the Luthra house and is planning to kill all of them.

Sherlin is standing and wondering what she was about to do, she decides to apologize to Manisha, Prithvi hugs Manish and thanks her for marrying Karan, Sherlin standing at the door wonders that he wants to remove Karan from his path to marry Preeta, but she will not let him do this.

Prithvi goes to Sherlin and immediately starts to shout at her for trying to ruining his plan, he is constantly yelling without listening to her. He asks her to stop crying and not do anything further and leave from the house. Sherlin starts to really cry and leaves.

Prithvi is frustrated on Billa and says that everyone in his life is an evil character except for Preeta as her is the only true match for him. He thinks of finding Billa before he goes to tell the truth to everyone.
Rishab’s employee comes and tells him that the task was difficult but he did it and that there was no person buy the name of Prithvi on the cadet list, Rishab ask shim to call the inspector, he thinks that he will make the truth come out as he knows that Prithvi is a liar.

Preeta comes to Karan room when he is taking his clothes, he asks her for her opinion regarding her dress, Karan asks her that will she marry him if Manisha divorces her like she said might happen, Preeta warns him to stop the joking, he asks her to wonder if that is not the case, Preeta says that by that time she will be married he asks if she is not married.
Preeta requests him to get serious at this moment, he is very serious and tells her that he is afraid as to what might happen to their friendship if Manisha comes, Preeta says that she will not leave him at any given time and will hurt anyone who come in between them both. He asks if she has a name for their relation, she tells him that not every relation has a name and it is the feeling that matter, she making excuse of work leaves the room but Karan holds her, she eventually leaves leaving Karan sobbing.

Billa is walking when he sees the inspector and hides wondering when they will leave his chase. Rishab bumps into him, he decides to tell him, when he is walking after Prithvi catches him and takes him to the room.

He says that he had warned if Billa tried to act smart than he will kill him, he starts to beat him, Billa takes his phone when he catches the phone of Prithvi making him sacred, Prithvi begs him to not do anything stupid, Billa tells him that he has only two wises one is to kill him or send him to jail, he warns him to not do anything smart, assuring that he will tell the police everything and send him to jail for sure. He leaves the room and Prithvi also follows him.

The inspector comes and asks Rishab why he called him, he shows him the cadet list asking if knows the people in the list, Inspector says that these are his friends, he enquirers why does he not know Prithvi because according to him he was also in the same batch, Rishab requests that he looks into Prithvi life, Inspector asks for a photo, Rishab asks his employee to give him a photo.

Prithvi runs after Billa and enters a room, it is Karan who comes out and immediately asks him why he came into his room, Prithvi thinks that if he tells the truth, Karan will never forgive him and will start to question him, he says that he came to warn him to stay away from Preeta because he is about to become his wife, Karan laughs saying that she will never marry him. Prithvi turns the tide and asks why is he marrying the same girl who charged him with molestation, maybe she is good in some way, this angers Karan, he is about to beat him really bad but calm down because of Preeta. Billa is left amazed at Prithvi wondering how big a liar he is.

Karan assures that he top only because of Preeta so he must leave, Prithvi tells that he will remember this insult because Karan is about to marry the same girl who charged him with the molestation charges, Karna gets really pissed asking him to leave, Prithvi thinks that he is in a really bad situation because Bill is behind his bed.

Karan gets a call and leaves, Billa comes out and thinks that Prithvi will not come back because of Karan, he will hide in Karan’s room and go back to his girlfriend than send her to the police with the evidence, if he is not able to kill Prithvi than by sending him to jail he will have the same satisfaction after achieving his revenge.

Sherlin is in her bed thinking what Prithvi said to her regarding his marriage with Preeta, she is not able to think and wonders that Prithvi is really about to marry Preeta, she worries for him and their child and he wants to marry Preeta, she decides to call him, Billa picks his phone and threatens that he will make him pay and kill him. Sherlin threatens that she will call the police, Billa warns her to not do anything of this sort as he is already in the mansion, Billa advice that he is in love with Preeta and it will be better if she leaves him.

Rishab is very angry with Prithvi’s actions and wonders what Prithvi thinks of him and wonders that why is he not able to find anything reading his pats, the inspector comes saying that he has found something regarding Prithvi.

Prithvi is looking for Billa, he is however unaware that Billa is walking behind him, Manisha comes and hits him so that he gets unconscious, She ask Prithvi to be conscious of his surrounding as she cannot come to help him every time, he think that he must not say anything to her as he needs her, he goes with what she says and tries to bind him, she gets nervous asking him to hurry, they quickly bound him and think where they would hide him as if they take him outside than everyone will know.
Prithvi and Manisha try to hide him but are unable to, he asks her for help, she says that if it was not her wedding than she would never agree to but then ends up placing him in the cupboard. Prithvi thinks her for her help.

She opens the door and sees Preeta standing there, she is not able to understand what she has to say and leaves, Preeta comes with a servant asking him to take the wardrobe, he gets nervous and asks why they want to take it outside, Preeta says that the wardrobe has the contents needed for the Puja and she has to take it, Prithvi says that he will help but the servant clarifies that it has wheels so no help is needed.

Manisha enters the room, her friends ask her to hurry, and she takes her clothes and finds that there are torn.

Preeta asks Prithvi to remain with her because she has top talk with him, he gets nervous and asks why she wants to talk with him. She says that she needs to ask why he was with Manisha in the room, he asks her why she could even think that he was doing something wrong with Manisha, he tries to justify that he is only trying to make her realize that she does not need to marry Karan, and will; do all that he can to save Karan. He thinks of what Preeta will think of him and will she believe it, however Preeta does not answer. His get a call and Preeta wonders that he is hiding something.

Rishab asks the inspector what the news is, he says that he could not find anything regarding Prithvi but he would often come to his police station because there was a case going on. He says that his colleague told him these thing s, Rishab thinks that he will dig deeper into this case.

Karna is very tensed and calls everyone to the room, he says that he is very tensed because he is about to be married, Dadi says that he is about to be ruined and they all are not doing anything, Preeta says that he is over reacting as he will remain in the same house, He gets annoyed with this, Rishab tries to calm him down saying that Manisha is a good looking girl and very smart, Karan says that he should marry her if he thinks that she is smart, they starts to quarrel, Janki request that they should both stop because no one will marry her, she has torn the Lehnga of the function. Preeta asks that it would be off no good, Janki says that he did this because they would get sometime and so that Sarla should also come and she might help them, Shrishti says that Sarla will never do anything like that.

They all are talking when Manisha comes shouting demanding to know who has done this, Rakhi tries to defend everyone and make her realize that it is just a coincidence, Manisha is not convinced and threatens Karan that she will ruin everyone’s life as they all are doing everything to stop their wedding. She says that he is not man enough to tell everyone the truth and the promise which he made to her. She ask him to be prepared at the time of the marriage and leaves calling him lot of names.

Karan says that he is not marrying her because she was in love with someone else but is only doing this because of a deal, he gets angry and leaves, Rishab goes after her.

Sherlin is very worried of what Prithvi will be doing, Prithvi is looking for the box but stumbles into Manisha she walks away, he turns and again bumps into Karan, he also leaves after him, Rishab comes and when Prithvi tries to ask him he stops him then thinking of what the inspector said wonder sif he should turn back, when he turns Prithvi is not there, he wonders where he has gone, Shrishti comes and says that Rakhi is very tensed with regard to Karna so he must go after her and she will go to look after Karan. Rishab gets much tensed wondering what he must do.

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