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Zeeworld: Gangaa 3, Major Casts and Their Real Names You Might not Know

Adithi sharma as gangaa

She acted as the grown up widow, sagars wife and Krishna’s mother, she later married shiv at the end of the movie.

Vishal vashistha as sagar

He’s the 2nd son of the chaturveri ,Krishna’s father and gangaa’s husband. He later died at the end of the season 2 of the movie.

Ruhana khanna as child actor gangaa / krishna

She’s gangaa and sagars daughter and also she acted the role of gangaa when she was small.

Gungun uprari as mrs madhvi chartuveri

She’s sagar and pulkit mother ,madam of the house and niranjan’s wife.

Sushmita makherjee as amma

Shes niranjan’s mother and sagar and pulkit’s grandmother, she never liked gangaa in the movie so long.

Hiten tejwani as niranjan

He’s the one who adopted gangaa as his child and he’s the son of ammaji , madvhi’s husband and sagar and pulkit father. He wants sagar and gangaa together.

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