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Age is Just a Number Zee world update Thursday 16th July 2020

Age is Just a Number 16 July 2020: On Age is Just a Number Thursday 16th July 2020 zee word update, Bari Amma was determined to push Vaidika and Yash of the house soon.

Nani comes to Bari Amma’s room and decides to spy on Bari Amma. She finds the room locked from inside. Bari Amma unbolts the door and questions what she wants now. Nani laughs that Bari Amma had lost her senses in front of her son in law, she understands all her dramas well. She had brought a wooden rod to hit her head and treat the memory loss. They hear Prachi resisting some orders downstairs. 

Bari Amma goes to see what’s happening.
Downstairs, Yash had brought some men from the court. He warns the Agarwals to live in the part of house that is only allotted to them. The Agarwals had an objection. Bari Amma comes to ask what’s happening. Vaidika questions what they will get by snatching their right over the whole house. Prachi blames Vaidika for posing being nice. Yash asks Vaidika to let him do it in his own way, he wants to torture Bari Amma as much as to accept that she didn’t lose any of his memory. He orders the inspector to get their furniture thrown out of their rooms. Vaidika stops Yash from getting all this done, she asks where they will all go. Anjana wasn’t ready to accept Vaidika’s god will gesture. They all insult. Yash questions if Vaidika wants to help these selfish people? Now they will live in their portion and won’t take a single step in their side. Within fifteen days, this house will belong to him completely. A photo frame of Bari Amma and Sahil fell from the floor and the glass breaks.
Upstairs, Nani made the servants throw Bari Amma’s luggage out of her room. Vaidika comes to her to question how Bari Amma would feel, she is already losing her room. Nani was happy that she will feel bad. Bari Amma comes to insult Vaidika and Nani, she says she knew Vaidika would destroy her son and her family and she proved it. She deters to throw them out of the house in no time. Vaidika stops Nani from fighting Bari Amma anymore. Nani leaves the room complaining Vaidika for being nicer than needed. Vaidika was helpless and wonders where Sahil has gone.
Sahil was with lawyer in the car. 

The lawyer tells Sahil that Yash had been buying the shares of their company with different names for last few months, and a month ago she bought the shares named after Bari Amma as well. The lawyer says Sahil must handle the situation because they can’t let him leave so easily. Sahil wonders who sold Bari Amma’s shares as Bari Amma has been helpless for the last one month. He suspects Puneesh. He gets a call from Anjana that Yash has created a new drama here.
Nidhi’s mother brings juice for her and insists her to have some juice. Nidhi shouts at her not to do all this. She was tensed that Bari Amma was getting well, and she fears that Yash might find out that she did all this. Puneesh comes there and demands Nidhi five lacs till this evening. The police inspector who spared him is demanding money. Nidhi says Bari Amma is getting better, how she would get the money now. Puneesh says that’s not his problem, he warns he would open up Nidhi’s truth if he is caught.
Sahil comes home and finds Vaidika arranging for food for the family. Sahil brings Vaidika outside and asks why she is playing a double game. Here she takes care of his family, and there she is helping Yash destroy them. When Bari Amma says she doesn’t know Yash she must be true. Vaidika says Bari Amma never gave her a reason to trust her, and Yash never gave her a chance to be suspicious over him. She didn’t trust Sahil initially, but she found the truth in his eyes. Sahil says he is happy she trusts him, but she must remember she is responsible for the biggest mistake of his life; that is marrying Nidhi.
Nidhi was taking money from the locker in Bari Amma’s room that belonged to Yash now. Vaidika came in to find Yash and questions if she is stealing in her own house. Sahil comes from behind and catch Nidhi red handed. He takes a selfie with Nidhi calling her a fraud. Nidhi says she wasn’t stealing. Nidhi says this locker is in Yash’s room these days, she was only transferring the money to Bari Amma’s room. Sahil wasn’t ready to trust. Nidhi says it’s alright, she also doesn’t care. Vaidika takes the key back from Nidhi. Nidhi promises that nothing will be lost from the locker. Sahil bids a bye to Nidhi. Sahil shows Vaidika this is what she did to him. He says now he will only take an action, no words. Sahil was sure his story will Vaidika will complete in this very life.
The water in the bath was left open to spill outside in the corridor while electric wires were left lose in the water. Nidhi bribes a servant. She decides that Vaidika is the biggest of all hurdles in her way, she got Bari Amma recover, and snatched her only partner Puneesh from her. She must get rid of Vaidika.

Sahil was standing at the balcony and says this is the craze of his love, he wants to accomplish their love story. It’s a plan of their universe that helps them meet again and again. He wonders why he is so restless. Anjana calls him then, he gets a call from Aarya and goes to give the phone to Vaidika.
Vaidika was walking towards the spilt water exposed to naked wires. Sahil comes from behind and was at once alert of the situation. He runs to pull Vaidika behind. Vaidika was shocked to realize the spillage. Sahil says he knows who did this and runs to find Nidhi across the house. Anjana asks why he is shouting at Nidhi. Nidhi comes downstairs. He shouts at Nidhi that she attempted to kill Vaidika, what was the electric wire doing in water upstairs. Nidhi questions why would she do this? Why he blames her for everything? She is pregnant, still she has to suffer so much? She take sympathies from Vaidika, she bears a new life within herself then why would she do so? Sahil tells her to stop the drama but everyone holds him back. Nidhi begins to cry. Vaidika consoles Nidhi and says she believes she can’t take someone else’s life when she bears a new life. It could have been an accident, how can he blame her without a proof. She came between his intentions and will, but this doesn’t mean he blames her for lifetime. He is trying to make an impossible love story possible. Bari Amma silently smirked watching all the drama. When everyone had left, Sahil says he would always love Vaidika even if their love story is impossible.

Nidhi was in the corridor cursing herself as all her plans failed. Vaidika jumped to save that Yash, and now Sahil is here to save that Vaidika. And there, Puneesh Tiwari is demanding her five lacs. Where should she get the money now? Deepak was standing behind Nidhi and sends her a message. He tells Nidhi he has got a proof that the daughter in law of this house is the most troublesome person here. He says he isn’t interested in unveiling the reality of Nidhi, she only has to bring him the duplicate keys of the locker she had. He says he is sure Nidhi also has her hand behind getting the share to Yash. Nidhi walks away.
It was night. Vaidika walks Sahil try to apply ointment at the back of his injured arm. She comes downstairs to help him. He teases her by aching, she stops at once apologizing. Then before leaving, she thanks him for saving her life. Sahil says he habitually saves her, he by default goes into a mode to save her and is protective of her. But somewhere she is also taking care of him. Somewhere, she also feels his pains, and comes to his help. She must now accept he is very special for her. She is going for a fake marriage in the next two weeks, she must tell the truth before that else she might regret. Vaidika says she only meant to help him by applying the ointment, he must tell his wife to apply it daily so that the hand recovers sooner. Sahil says Vaidika has applied the ointment, and will continue doing it.

Agarwals were frustrated of being forced in a portion of the house. Sahil comes there and says he spoke to the lawyer, they will find a solution in a few days. Bari Amma was sure she will find some solution in a few days. Nidhi gets a warning message from Puneesh. Anjana was worried that it’s for the first time her temple is empty and aarti wasn’t done at the temple. They turn to see Vaidika doing the Aarti with Nandi and Yash. Vaidika insists on Yash that it’s a blessing to show the Aarti to the whole house. Yash allows her to take it around the house, this family needs it baldy now. Anjana welcomes the aarti from Vaidika. Sahil was happy to see Vaidika, and offers her a sweet with a wink. Nani was left open mouthed watching this. Sahil brings the sweet to her and forces some into her mouth.

On the call, Puneesh warns Nidhi that she is now testing his patience. She must instantly arrange the money else she would suffer badly. Nidhi gets an idea and wonders why she didn’t get the idea earlier. She breaks into a room and was looking around when Deepak comes there. He questions what is she looking for in his room? Nidhi says she wants five lac from the money he has been stealing from Bari Amma’s business for years. She tells Deepak she has already deleted the video, as she knew the password of his phone. In a few months, she will give birth to her and Sahil’s child and his plans of giving the heir to the family will be ruined. She makes the demand of five lac and leave the room.
Nidhi told Puneesh on call that he is just bringing five lacs. Vaidika stood in the corridor and shocked to hear the name.

In Ishq SubhanAllah, Shahbaz comes to meet Miraj and requests Miraj for a favor. He discusses with Miraj that he wants something from Hamdan.
Kabeer comes to greet Ammi and asks how their function was. Everyone turn to see Rukhsar come there. Ammi sends Zeenat to shift all the gifts to Rukhsar’s room. Kabeer helps Zara in holding some of the boxes as she has done enough. Zara congratulates Rukhsar. After everyone has left, Rukhsar throws the chunri away.
In the kitchen, Zara sits on the kitchen cabinet while Kabeer was there. She says everything seems changed tonight, can’t they do something that turns everything beautiful. Kabeer says surely, they can surely pray before fast. Kabeer reminds her to respect the fast as it prohibits being intimate as well. 

Zara was mischievous and drags Kabeer to their room where she blows water bubbles around him. She then asks him to read verse 187 of Surah Baqarah in Al Quran. Kabeer asks if she doesn’t know, then repeats; “it is allowed for men to go near their wives in the nights of Ramadan”.
In Aap Ke Aa Jane Se, a young boy was in a store room reading a diary when he hears his father calling Yash! What are you looking for? Yash calls his father not to leave them alone. Yash wakes up from the dream, he wonders where is that room now and thinks it was near the stairs. He thinks if he finds the diary and those albums, Bimla’s truth would open up. 

The truth of his mother will be enough to finish this family. He decides to break the wall right under the stairs. Deepak comes there and stops Yash. Bari Amma also comes there and sends everyone inside as she wants to speak to Yash alone. Yash stops at once. Bari Amma tells Yash he won’t find anything here, not the diary or the room. Yash asks if her memory is back. 

Bari Amma smiles that there is a difference between their memories. His memories have buried under the new building of her house. 

He will now suffer to look for his memories which is somewhere around. Yash tells Bari Amma he isn’t insensible or weak, he has seen her true face already but she doesn’t know about him now. He is stubborn and gets what he is after. He is here to destroy them and he will accomplish his mission. He will find the diary no matter he has to turn this building to ruins. Then he will push her and her family out of the house. The smile of her face will soon vanish, he will use Vaidika to use Sahil’s life as well.

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