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Game of Love Saturday 18th July 2020 Written update

Game of Love 18 July 2020: On Game of Love Saturday 18 July 2020 Written update, Shwetlana and Anika dance in Naagin song. Shivaye and everyone feel awkward seeing them.

Shivaye covers up Rudra’s eyes. They all turn away. Some time before, Shivaye says where did she go, did you get her. Priyanka says no. Anika comes. Shivaye asks where are you going. She says home. He says this is your home. She says no, I don’t remember. He says its because you lost memory. She says leave me, I have to go my home. He says shut up and come with me to our room. She says leave me, I don’t want to go anywhere.

He gets her to room and says you stay here, did you remember anything. She asks is this room mine…. there is nothing nice, green carpet, what’s this curtain color combination, and this orange sofa… He says you can’t say anything about my room, its perfect. She says you just said its my room, now you are saying this. He says I meant its our room. She asks how, I don’t know you. He says look Anika. She says wait, who is Anika. He says you are Anika. She says I m Kalavati Thakur. He asks what.

She says you thought I won’t know, I know everything, I came here for some work and you all caught me up. He says you are not Kalavati, who said that, listen to me. She says no, I don’t trust anything you say. He looks at her. She says don’t stare at me, you can’t scare me by your kanju eyes, I m going. He says Michmichi…. She stops.

He says Tadi, khidhki tod, helicopter…… you remember, did any bell ring. She says you are totally mad. He says this is my… why don’t you understand, you are Anika, you spoiled the things. She says what’s this language, what strange words are you saying. He says its your language. She says you are saying it, I have no time to waste, I m going. He asks where. She says anywhere, I will not stay here. He says no, you won’t go. She asks why. He says its Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s rule here, I don’t like to hear no. She asks him not to come ahead. He walks to her.

She turns and gets a water jug. She throws water on his face. He pauses and recalls Anika throwing water on him before. He says you have thrown water on me. She says you maybe Shivaye Singh Oberoi, but I m Kumari Kalavati Thakur, I don’t like taking orders. She hands over the jug to him. Rudra comes and looks on. Anika leaves. Anika sees Tia outside and says its good I got you here, its just you here whom I can completely trust. Tia reacts really…. Shivaye and Rudra also react the same. Anika nods and says really, see this man got me to his room forcibly and not letting me go, you are nice, just save me. Tia says don’t worry, I m with you. Shivaye says Tia…. Tia says forget it Shivaye, she needs me right now. Tia and Anika leave. Rudra says Sautan bani saheli, Anika’s best friend is Tia. Shivaye says really things got spoiled.

Anika says just you can help me in leaving from here, but I m scared. Shwetlana comes there and holds Anika. Anika worries and says you…. Tia says she is Shwetlana, she also stays here. Shwetlana says you think you will let you go easily, do something that they make you leave from here. Anika asks what. Shwetlana says come with me, I will explain. Tia says its okay, you can trust her, she is a really nice person. Anika asks what do I have to do. Shwetlana says come with me.

Shivaye says we have to make Anika restore her memory. Rudra says its not a problem that she thinks of us as her enemy, problem is she thinks Tia is her friend. Dadi calls out Shivaye. Shivaye and Rudra go and see Anika and Shwetlana dancing on Naagin song. Rudra covers his eyes. Shivaye too covers Rudra’s eyes. Shwetlana and Anika show sizzling moves. Everyone feel awkward. Anika dances with Shivaye and shoves him.

Dadi asks what happened to my Anika. Shivaye says she got mad, she does not understand, now I have to become SSO. He lifts Anika and takes her to room. She scolds him. He asks her to shut up else…. Anika asks what else, will you beat me. He gets a fruit knife and shows her. She gets shocked.

She says I will shout. He keeps knife near her chin and asks what will you do. She says I… He says you will do what I say, open your eyes and listen, your name is Anika, you stay in this house because you are my….. we both are married, you agree to me always, you don’t jump over table and dance, you never throw water on me, you agree to everything I say, you behave with me well, did you get that well Anika. She says but my name is Kalavati. He says your name is Anika, and my name is Shivaye Singh Oberoi, what is it…. say it. She says Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

He says now you argument, you will do what I say, if I ask you to come in this room, you will come, if I say sit, you will sit, if I say be quiet and talk, you will do that, understood? She says yes. He says if you try to run away then…. see this knife…. if this hurts, it bleeds, will you run away from this house. She says no. He says promise. She says promises. He throws the knife back side and it gets stuck in apple so perfectly. She looks on surprises. He recalls her and says Pinky promise. She asks what’s that. He shows the pinky finger. She asks what shall I do. He says give me your finger. She tensely promises. He says this is pinky promise. She pushes him and runs. He calls her out. He says this girl will make me mad.

Anika takes a breath. Dadi holds Anika. Dadi asks what happened, I know when memories get erased, person does not know who is dear and who’s stranger, person should follow heart, memories get erased, not feelings, everyone is yours here, none wants to hurt you, none wants to kill you, Billu can never do that. Anika asks Billu. Dadi says Kanji eyed one, he is your husband, and husband is Lord, trust the sindoor and suhaag, he will not do anything wrong with you, he will not let wrong happen with you. She recalls Shivaye. Shivaye shouts Anika. Anika says he is calling me. Dadi says don’t worry, he is your husband and husband is…. Anika says he is Parmeshwar/Lord. Dadi asks her to listen.

Shivaye asks what’s your phone doing here, you should have it. He turns and sees Anika with sindoor and mangalsutra in hand.

Anika asks Tia are you fine. Tia says yes. Anika sees T&D locket and asks about D…. Tia says Dushyant….. Anika gets shocked. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Anika. She says you are my husband and Lord, so its my duty to get tea for you. Some time before, Shivaye asks what’s your phone doing here, you should have it. He turns and sees Anika with sindoor and mangalsutra in hand. He asks what’s this. She says sindoor, mangalsutra, Dadi said husband is Lord. He says so? She says Dadi did puja, she wanted you to fill this sindoor in my hairline and make me wear this mangalsutra. He asks did Dadi say this. He takes the fruit knife and asks her to come. She gets scared. He says you started listening to me and throws knife. She says you said I have to do what you say, I m doing that. He says good, I have to fill sindoor in your maang and make you wear mangalsutra, okay. He takes mangalsutra from her. He recalls Dadi’s words and recalls the marriage. O jaana…..plays………. He makes her wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her hairline. They see each other. He asks don’t you remember anything. She signs no. He holds her close and asks now. She signs no. He holds her face and asks now….?

She nods no. He gets close and asks now? She says no. He says its fine, you will remember everything slowly. She runs out. Tia gets sad seeing T and D pendant and says I miss you Robin, I can’t say how much lonely I fell without you. Anika comes and asks Tia Kumari can I sit. Tia nods.

Anika says that kanji eyed man is saying my name is Anika and I m married to him. Tia says I told you they will say stories. Anika says yes, he is scaring me with a knife, don’t know what shall I do, with whom shall I share my problem, when you are there, I feel someone dear is with me. She asks Tia is she fine. Tia nods. She says I m fine, I m missing someone dear. Anika asks is that locket yours. Tia nods and says you don’t have memory and I just have memories, I m not able to forget few things, leave it you won’t understand. Anika says T for Tia, who by D. Tia says D for Dushyant. Anika gets shocked.

She says its nice name. Tia says even he is nice. Anika says now I understand you are missing Dushyant. Its night, Anika sits at pool side. Shivaye gets water. He sees her and goes to her. He asks what are you doing here, don’t you have to sleep, come to room. She goes with him. He goes to her and keeps knife near her head, asking her not to think. She asks what did I do now. He says you are thinking to run our of window. She says no. He asks her to sleep. She asks where. He says on bed….. She asks on bed? He says yes. She asks did I used to sleep on bed. He says no, you used to sleep on mango tree branch in garden. She asks really. He says sleep here, did you recall anything. She says no, I feel I m not that type of girl. He asks what do you mean and shows knife. She says nothing, I will sleep. He says good and lies beside her. She gets up and asks what are you doing.

He says people sleep at night, I m also sleeping. She says we together on same bed…. He scares her with knife and asks will you sleep. She says I m sleeping, how to sleep on same bed. He says I m hearing everything and covers her with blanket, sleep now, I know you talk embarrassing things in sleep, you speak all secrets in sleep, I know everything, also what you think about me, don’t think bad, sleep. She asks am I such type of girl. He says yes, sleep now. They sleep.

After some time, he wakes up and does not find her. He says where did she go. He sees her sleeping on the ground. He lifts her and makes her sleep on bed again. He sees her sleeping with her dupatta in mouth. She gets up and gets shocked seeing her. He asks why were you sleeping down. She says I was scared. He removes the cloth from her mouth. She says I was scared. He asks by whom. She says I thought if I talk in sleep, your sleep will be disturbed. He asks do you care for me so much. She says you are my Pati parmeshwar, I know everything, Dadi told me, I tied all teachings to my pallu. He checks her dupatta. She says you sleep, I will fan air with my dupatta. He says stop this nonsense, sleep.

She gets up. He holds her hand and shows knife. She gets scared and lies back.

Its morning, Shivaye wakes up and sees Anika standing with tea. He gets up and asks you got up so early. Anika smiles and greets him morning. She gives tea. He asks tea for me. She says you are my husband, Lord, its my duty to make tea for you, have tea, I will heat water for your bath, what will you wear, I will keep ready, what will you have in breakfast. He says stop it. She asks did I say anything, have tea. He says you know I like black coffee. She says no, milk tea should be taken in morning, not coffee, I will get milk from stable for you, have this. He takes the tray. She asks what will you wear. He says I will see. She says get ready and come fast, I will do your aarti, I will prepare for it. She goes. He says what happened to her, if her memory does not come, I will lose my memory.

Rudra comes and asks what happened. Shivaye says don’t know bad happened before or happening now, look there. Anika comes and asks Rudra to get tilak applied before going college. Rudra asks who is tilak. She says tika. He says I m going college, not temple. She asks him to get tilak applied. Shivaye says no, his forehead will get spoiled. She says applying tilak increase Ekagrata/concentration. Rudra asks what. She says Ekagrata, I decided to make my house a temple now. Shivaye and Rudra look at her. Anika goes. Shivaye rings the bell. Rudra says I think, what’s happening now is worse, we have to do something, we have to get Anika out of Ghajini girl, I want Tadibaaz Anika, not Ghar Ek Mandir one, this is much. Shivaye says this is too much, it would be better if I lose memory. Rudra makes him drink tea. Shivaye says I wanted coffee. Rudra says fine I will go.

Shwetlana says you said by attitude that I will get 100 crores, I don’t think you will fulfill promise, its not small amount, if you think you will earn and give me, that’s impossible. He says you will get your money. She says don’t try my patience, your father is owner of 5000 crores, Tej will come running to me on my one sign, don’t underestimate my power. He says I can’t, as I know you are such a cheap woman, you can do anything for money and power, you will get money soon. She says I hope you know meaning of soon, as I don’t like delays. She goes. Shivaye hears their conversation. Om throws the things angrily.

Shivaye asks don’t you remember anything, now you will remember. He lifts her. He throws her in pool and gets inside the water. Anika and everyone get shocked seeing the buffalo. Some time before, Shivaye on call, asks lawyer to do as he says, its important to teach a lesson to Shwetlana. Anika hears this and says why teaching lesson to Shwetlana, she is very nice. I have to do something. She imagines Shivaye stabbing Shwetlana. She recalls Dadi’s words. She says no, I won’t let my husband do sin, Shwetlana did a lot for me, its my duty to do something for her, I have to tell her.

Khanna says they have come. Lawyer and inspector meet Shivaye. Shivaye says I hope you mentioned that Shwetlana has no rights to stay here legally, did you file blackmailing charges. He asks inspector to find Shwetlana, make sure she does not stay here. Police staff goes ahead. Shakti asks Shivaye what are you doing. Shivaye says I m rectifying wrong, I m sure Shwetlana will stay in jail for some days, she will get bail, but get a shock. Shakti says Tej will be angry, and Om got engaged to her. Shivaye says I don’t want her to be in Om’s life, once she goes jail, she will think 100 times before doing anything.

Police looks for Shwetlana. Om says I need to talk something imp. Shivaye says you need 100 crores, right, I know why you want it, you are doing a lot to keep Tej and Jhanvi’s relation alive, Shwetlana is dangerous. Om says I know it very well, so I m doing this. Shivaye says you don’t need to do this alone. Om says its needed, I don’t want to fall weak, taking help from anyone means falling weak. Shivaye says I m your brother. Om says its not about 100 crores, its matter of how I manage myself, I have to make my identity, I will earn this 100 crores and show right place to Tej, I will throw Shwetlana out of Jhanvi’s life.

Shivaye says alright, I have a project, I want to build a five star hotel in Bareilly, I m not getting the land, there are two reasons, there is a famous temple nearby, and the land is on Kaali Thakur’s name, he is a big goon, I m not getting time to strike this deal, if you want, you can try, its 500 crores deal, will you do this. Om says I can do anything to prove Tej wrong, I will go Bareilly and return after cracking this deal. Shivaye says I will do all arrangements, prepare to leave. Rudra comes and asks who is going where.

Shivaye says Om is going Bareilly for business work. Rudra says why do I feel everything is changing, is Obros breaking. Shivaye says you said it today, don’t say again, world can end, but Shivaye, Om and Rudra’s togetherness can’t, we were together, are and will always be, one for all and all for one. They join hands. Hum saath ek duje ke……plays………… Shivaye hugs them.

Inspector says Shwetlana is not anywhere in Oberoi mansion, maybe she went out. Shivaye says security would be informed me, check well. Rudra says I will see, come with me. Rudra checks further. Inspector says we did not get her, we will keep trying. Police leaves. Shivaye asks Rudra did you check well. Rudra says yes. Shivaye says where can she go. He goes to room and says where can Shwetlana go. Anika asks what are you doing. He says I want something from cupboard. She asks why, I mean what, I will help you. He says I can do my work, why is this wardrobe locked, did you do this, give me keys. She says I don’t remember where I kept keys. He asks her to find keys. He looks for keys and finds it.

He opens the wardrobe and finds Shwetlana inside. He gets shocked. Shwetlana smiles and says thank you Shivaye. He asks Anika what’s this. Anika says you were sending her to jail, I was helping her. Shivaye gets angry. Shwetlana says come on, you can send me out for some time, you really thing any court orders can make me leave forever, don’t forget, I m Om’s fiancee, if I go jail, this Oberoi family will get defamed. He says don’t worry for us, I will make you away from Om’s life. She asks are you challenging me, I have bad habit to win challenges. He says I have bad habit to not lose any challenge. She says you can’t win, because your queen is on my side in this game. He says game has just begun, you won’t know who will make you lose and when, be ready to lose, I did not learn to lose, get out of my room. She goes.

He asks Anika about doing this. Anika says Shwetlana is really nice. He asks how can you say she is nice, you don’t remember anything. She says Dadi said when mind does not work, we should listen heart. He says you are total mad. She runs out. He says its enough, I have to do something to get her memory back. Anika makes aarti plate ready. Shivaye asks her to come. She asks where. He holds her hand and takes her.

He gets her near the pool. He asks who am I. She says Pati Parmeshwar. He says Lord is one whose puja you were doing. She says yes that’s Lord, but you are Pati Parmeshwar. Shivaye asks don’t you remember anything, now you will remember. He lifts her. He throws her in pool and gets inside the pool. Anika gets shocked and looks at him. He walks to her. Old moment is shown. Music plays…… He holds her hand at her back. He says just say it, you remember everything. She says I remember. He says thank God. She says I forgot to add kumkum in aarti plate. She pushes him and runs. He says she failed my plan, I guess I have to do that which I don’t want to.

Anika rushes to her room. Tia and Shwetlana see her and smile. Shwetlana says everything is going on smoothly, Anika was biggest threat for us and now she is our biggest weapon. Tia says right, now she is on our side and none can stop our plan from getting successful, don’t worry, she regards me her best friend, she has to agree to me. Shwetlana says right.

Shivaye asks Khanna did you get it. Khanna says yes, but think again, are you sure. Shivaye says just do what’s told to you. Khanna says but you will do this, how. Shivaye says that’s my problem. Khanna asks will you do it inside house. Shivaye says yes, don’t argue, go.

Anika says I don’t know what he likes in food, so I made aloo puri, everyone eats it right. Dadi smiles. Anika says I don’t know whether he will like it or not. Dadi says you made it by love, he will like it. Anika says I will take it, he has to go office, he can call me. She hears the buffalo sound and asks does he make such sound when he is hungry. Dadi asks what. Shivaye calls out Anika. Anika and everyone go and get shocked seeing Shivaye with a buffalo.

Tia asks Anika to return her phone. Anika says I m calling Dushyant. Shivaye asks who is Dushyant. Tia says no one. Shwetlana says relax Tia, you are worrying as if Robin will answer, he is dead, let her call. Some time before, Anika sees the buffalo. Everyone smile. Rudra asks Shakti how did Shivaye get the black KOW cow. Shakti says firstly, its COW, not KOW, and this is not a cow, its buffalo. Dadi asks what’s happening. Shivaye says this is for Anika. Anika asks did you get buffalo for me, but why, I said I will get fresh milk and cow milk is better. He says its not for milk. She says buffalo is for milk. He says I got something else also. He asks Khannna to get that, I can’t say it. Khanna says fine, I will get it.

He gets cow dung in a trolley. Anika asks did you get cow dung for me. Shivaye asks did you recall anything, when we met during landslide, I told you… you told you…. eve buffalo won’t stop hearing my name. The old moment is shown. He says the same line again. She asks why are you saying this. He says so that you get angry and throw cow dung at me. She asks do you want me to throw this on you. He says yes, this is our relation. She asks is cow dung our relation. He says no, I break things and you throw things, we are like that. She asks did I really throw cow dung on you. He says you have thrown water on me, and once you slapped…. Everyone smile.

Khanna says I shot it too. Shivaye says ya. She says even then you married me. He says leave it, you throw cow dung on me. She refuses and says how can I throw this on Pati Parmeshwar. Shivaye and everyone ask her to throw it. Anika throws the cow dung at him. He bends and gets saved. He goes to her and asks did you remember anything. She says no. Rudra says you are forgetting continuity, you have to get same buffalo then she will remember. Anika apologizes to buffalo for the trouble and goes. Shivaye asks Khanna to take it away.

Anika wipes hands. She sees Tia and says Shivaye said I have thrown cow dung at him. Tia asks do you think you can do this. Anika says no. Tia says exactly, its their plan to convince him. Anika asks are you fine now, you were missing your friend yesterday, what was his name. Tia says no one. Anika says Dushyant. Tia says no, I m fine, take care of yourself. She goes. Anika says I think she has a fight with Dushyant. She asks Priyanka what happened. Priyanka says don’t know where Soumya went. Anika says Soumya….

Rudra says I don’t know where did Soumya go. Shivaye asks did you tell her anything, you both are in same collage, you should take care of her. Dadi says don’t know where she went. Anika says I got this from Soumya’s room. Shivaye reads…. Rudra I never expected you to accept our marriage, what you said that day, I don’t think I should stay here after that humiliation, if you think I m responsible for all the problems, I don’t have right to stay here, I don’t want you to have any problem, you are lucky to have such family, take care of your lovely family. Shivaye shouts Rudra what’s this, don’t you know.

Tia says its fun to see them like this. Shwetlana says this is just the start. Tia says what will happen ahead, Anika lost memory, Jhanvi is injured, Tej feels his family is his enemy, Om is arranging money to give you, and now Rudra and Soumya’s problem, poor Oberois, there are many problems and not a single solution. They smile.

Rudra calls Reyaan and asks is Soumya with you. Reyaan says no, I did not talk to her since many days, is there any problem. Rudra says no, if she calls you, tell her to urgently call Shivaye. He ends call. Anika says you care for Soumya a lot, why did you hurt her heart. He says I wish I could explain you, this situation and relation are complicated, yes we had a fight, I did not think she will leave home, she is duffer.

Shivaye asks Rudra about Soumya. Rudra says I called her friends and could not know. Priyanka says Jhanvi has fever, call doctor. Shivaye goes. Shakti asks Dadi about Tej, since Om and Shwetlana got engaged, Tej is nowhere, he did not come for office meetings too. Dadi says don’t know whose bad sight caught this house. Anika says we have to face problems, we have to start by small problems. Shivaye says you don’t know anything, don’t get into it. Anika says I know, but I m bahu of this house, I will do what I can, everyone is worried and everyone’s problem is very big, Rudra’s marriage, Om’s business, Jhanvi’s health. Tej’s anger, if big problem’s solution is not found, we should find small problem’s solution, it gives courage. He asks which problem is small in these. She says Tia’s. Tia asks what.

Anika says none thinks for Tia, she is restless to meet her love. Tia says what nonsense. Aniak says I m saying what I have seen and felt. Shivaye asks Tia what is she saying. Tia says I don’t know, just stop it. Anika says no, you helped me, its my duty to help you, I know you are missing your love, you should call him, this is that phone which has his number, I will call him and say you miss him, I will solve everything. Shivaye asks about whom is Anika saying. Tia says I don’t know, return my phone. Anika says don’t worry, you did love, don’t be scared, don’t have annoyance. Shivaye asks about whom are you talking. Anika says Dushyant. Rudra smiles. Shakti asks Tia who is this Dushyant. Tia says I don’t know, give my phone back. Shivaye asks Anika what are you doing, who is Dushyant. Tia says no one. Shwetlana says relax Tia, let her call. Tia says she is calling Robin. Shwetlana says you are saying as if Robin will answer, Robin died, who will answer the call, relax. Anika calls Dushyant. She puts phone on speaker. Someone answers and says hello. Anika says Dushyant….. Tia gets shocked. She recalls Robin’s death and says Robin. She thinks how can Robin be on call. She screams and faints. Everyone rush.

Shivaye calls doctor and says nothing happened, don’t know how she fainted, she is resting, come for checkup. Dadi says I will get food for you Tia and goes with Anika. Tia says how answered Robin’s phone, I have to find out. She calls. Mrs. Kapoor answers. Tia says mom, you have this number. Mrs. Kapoor says yes, why. Tia says Anika called on this number, a man answered, I thought Robin…. Mrs. Kapoor says are you mad Tia, I was busy on another call, my assistant answered. Tia says I felt…. Shivaye comes and asks what did you feel.

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