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Game of Love Written Update - Sunday 26th July 2020

Game of Love 26 July 2020: On Game of Love Sunday 26 July 2020 Written update, The cars surround Shivaye and make circles in high speed. Fake Shivaye’s lens come out. Shivaye says leave me and shouts.

A lady comes and says just relax. Some time before, Dadi says our house Laxmi will do Aarti, Anika come. Anika sees Pinky and Shivaye. Shivaye nods. Anika smiles and goes. She does aarti. The aarti plate strikes the diya stand and falls off her hands. Everyone look on. Pinky asks what did you do. Shakti says relax Pinky, no need to be so angry. Pinky says abshagun before puja started. Anika and everyone see the idol. Jhanvi says Anika relax, everything will be fine. Shivaye says nothing happened. Dadi says don’t worry, Soumya take Anika to the room.

Soumya asks Anika are you fine. Anika says nothing is fine, I m feeling strange since morning. She recalls kinner’s words. She thinks what am I thinking, its just my thought, everything is fine. Shivaye wakes up and sees the lady. She drives a bike and goes off. He gets up.

Pinky and Jhanvi ask Priyanka not to be shy. Ranveer makes her wear the ring. Everyone clap. Shivaye sees some cars approaching. The cars surround Shivaye.

Priyanka makes Ranveer wear the ring. Everyone clap. Anika sees Shivaye getting tears and thinks Shivaye is so emotional about Priyanka. Shivaye looks at the cars, making rounds. He asks who are you all, get me out of here. The cars make circles in high speed to make the air dusty. Shivaye feels unwell by the dusty smoke. He falls down. The cars leave.

At home, Fake Shivaye lens come off one eye. The men catch Shivaye and drag him. Shivaye says leave me, you don’t know who I m. They put him in a dark room. Shivaye asks who are you, tell me how much money you want, leave me, I m Shivaye Singh Oberoi. A lady comes and says just relax. He asks who are you, leave me, just tell me, how much money you want. She says you will know what they want and goes. He says I have to go, its Priyanku’s marriage.

Dadi says come, we will take a family photo. Shakti stands with Kamini. Pinky stares at home. Shakti makes Tej stand between. Kamini says we could have called press. Pinky says we can’t call press in your presence, remember the drama happened last time. Anika says why do I feel so. Jhanvi stands with Tej. Shakti goes to Pinky. Anika sees family and Shivaye on her either sides. She says everything is fine, Shivaye is standing in front of me, why do I feel something spoiled, why am I getting cheap thoughts, Shivaye is right, I m thinking a lot about the dream, I m worrying and worrying others, I will fight with Shivaye once, then I will feel good.

His lens falls down. She walks to him and says Shivaye. He turns to her partially. Servant comes and asks him to have sweets, Dadi said. He sees his face and eyes in the tray. He sees two different eye color, and thinks where did Kanji eye fell. He gets Khanna’s call and talks. Rudra says its family photo time, come. Anika says Shivaye is on call. He says he will come, you come. Shivaye sees the lens fallen. He says I want all info, flight attendant, staff, everything, okay. He thinks if Pahelwan turns, my Kanji eye will be gone. Rudra asks why are you touching my feet. Anika says what are you doing, everyone is seeing. Shivaye sees a servant getting drinks. He gets up and collides. He holds and covers his eye, and says can’t you see and walk, I got hurt. Anika says I will see. Shivaye says I will manage and goes. Anika says I will help him and come. She goes after him. He shuts room’s door.

Pinky says all problems come on Shivaye. Jhanvi says thandai fell on him, what’s the big deal. Pinky says I have mum’s heart. Kamini says I have to tell something, can you come with me. Pinky asks her to say here itself. Kamini says I can’t, come with me. They go. Shivaye looks for lens and throws out things from cupboard. Anika calls him out and says open the door, I will help you. He shouts I will manage. She shouts Shivaye. He says Shivaye, your wife can’t be quiet. He thinks where did he keep lens.

Rudra comes and asks what happened. She says I m waiting for Shivaye, he is throwing things. He says he maybe be finding something. She says I could help him. He asks shall I break door. She says no need, we have other way. He asks window one. She smiles and goes. Shivaye says think where did I keep the lens box. Anika knocks window and asks him to open it. He sees her and worries. She manages to open window and gets in. She sees the room messed up. He holds towel over his eye. She asks are you fine. He moves towel off his face.. He asks what are you doing here. She says I was thinking to help. He says I m not a kid. She says how did you mess up the room. He says I was finding hand towel. She says that’s why I said I will help. He starts arguing. She says sorry, I was asking as your things are never at one place. He says I was in hurry, Priyanku’s engagement is happening, I will make it fine after coming back. She gets thinking.

Anika says I feel you are strange. Shivaye says you are behaving strange, if I m not Shivaye, am I duplicate Shivaye. She asks what’s this language. He asks what do you mean, how many questions will I answer, will I take your permission to breath, I don’t want to argue, I want space, its my house. She says fine, you can take space in your room, I will sleep outside. She gets sad. Some time before, Rudra asks fake Shivaye did you not change clothes.

Shivaye says I got freshened up and came. Om asks is everything fine. Shivaye turns and says this Pahelwan and hair shop are irritating my mind. He says yes, perfectly fine. Om says you look worried. Shivaye says no. Om opens arms and smiles. Shivaye hugs him. Rudra says obro moment without me and hugs. Shivaye thinks they are too senti, do these three brothers hug and cry all day. He says okay, time for family photograph. Pinky says this marriage can’t happen.

Real Shivaye wakes up and looks around. He struggles to free himself. Dadi asks why can’t marriage happen, what happened. Pinky says I knew Kamini will show real face, she is much fallen. Tej says we are not asking your opinion about Kamini, come to the point. Pinky says that woman is greedy. Tej says Priyanka’s roka and engagement happened, you should have valid reason to stop marriage, apart from the fact that you are insecure about Kamini. Pinky asks why will I be insecure of her. Tej says obviously because of Shakti. Shakti asks what are you saying.

Dadi asks what did Kamini say. Pinky says its big reason. Shakti asks her to say reason. Pinky says Kamini took me to a corner and said…. FB shows Kamini saying this is our small demand, if this is not fulfilled, then this marriage can’t happen. FB ends. Dadi asks what, 2 crores jewelry. Tej says I don’t believe this, you are refusing to this relation for 2 crores. Pinky says yes. Jhanvi says Kamini said she has no demands. Pinky says yes, now she is asking 2 crores jewelry. Tej says we have to give something as shagun, right Shakti. Shakti says its matter of just 2 crores, right Shivaye.

Shivaye turns and says 2 crores, its true, poor’s joke and rich’s money are made to splurge. He says yes we should we give them. Tej says Shivaye also said the same, its final, we are giving 2 crores jewelry. Pinky says its not about 2 crores, its about asking, its about greed, we can give 20 crores jewelry from our side, our wish, our happiness, we can’t put Priyanka at stake, mummy ji think they are asking 2 crores on engagement, they can ask millions on marriage time, they will make her golden eggs laying hen, Tej we can’t do anything once waster goes over head. Jhanvi says she has a point. Dadi says what happened to Kamini suddenly. Anika says we should talk to Kamini once.

Pinky asks what do you mean, I m lying, be quiet when elders talk. Dadi says let Billu decide to keep marriage or not. She asks him to say, as he got relation. Pinky says yes, I know he won’t bend down to greedy people.

Real Shivaye frees himself from the ropes. He checks the door. He finds the switches on the wall. He switches on the lights and looks around. He says which is this place, where am I, I have to go.

Fake Shivaye says I think we have to agree to Kamini’s demands. Everyone get shocked. Pinky asks are you saying this. He says they are groom’s family, 2 crores are nothing in front of my sister’s happiness, we will give 5 crores jewelry. He asks Rudra to talk to family jeweler and ask him to get 5 crores jewelry before shagun function. Pinky says you are doing wrong. He says no matter can be imp than my sister’s happiness. She asks more than your mum’s respect? He says don’t make it an ego issue, what’s the problem to give what we can afford, so its decided, they asked for 2 crores jewelry, we will give them 5 crores jewelry. Pinky holds him and says you can’t be my Shivaye. She goes.

Real Shivaye sees the window and touches it. The window opens. He looks outside and sees darkness. He takes a step outside. He steps on the laser beam and falls back inside the window. He gets up and looks outside. He says they have electromagnetic field here, how will I go out.

Fake Shivaye sees Pinky crying. He says mom….. She wipes tears and turns to him. She says don’t call me mom, I m not your mom, are you not ashamed to insult me, Kamini is mean, I don’t like her and family, whatever is happening is wrong. He says nothing wrong is happening, wrong has happened, I will make it right. He walks to her and tries holding her neck. She turns. He holds her shoulder and says Priyanka’s happiness is more than your and my self respect, this relation is imp for me, I m doing this, there is a big reason behind this, if you felt bad that I went against you, I m really sorry.

She says will you say sorry after killing your mum. He says don’t give such ideas, if I agree. He smiles. She says don’t shoot such black humor jokes on your mum, you will get slap, promise me you will take care of me. He thinks I will take such care of you such that you will say life gave you third class fate, I will get you out of this 100 crores house, you are my life’s big villain, now see, what this new model Shivaye does with his mummy.

Pinky asks what are you thinking. He says I was thinking what will I do for my mum. She asks will you just think or do. He says this time I will do. She says swear on me. He swears on her. He says I will do whatever I thought for you. She hugs him.

Shivaye goes to room. He says you here. Anika asks where will I go. Anika removes the dupatta. He sees her and thinks she is someone else’s wife, I can’t stay under same roof with her, I m bad, but I m not mean. She asks don’t you have to change clothes. He asks clothes. She says yes, are you fine. He says yes.

She says no, I don’t think you are fine, I m seeing since morning, you are not you, I know I m not myself since I saw that dream, but I feel you are strange. Shivaye says you are behaving strange, if I m not Shivaye, am I duplicate Shivaye. She says I did not say that. She asks what’s this language. He asks what do you mean, you are after me since morning and asking many questions, how many questions will I answer, will I take your permission to breath. She asks why are you reacting this way. He says I don’t want to argue. She asks where are you going. He says I want space, its my house. She says fine, you can take space in your room, I will sleep outside. She takes blanket from him. She gets sad and sees him. She takes her dress and goes. He says sorry Deva, I did bad to hurt her emotions, I m bad, but I m not mean, now I will focus on work.

Fake Shivaye looks inside Pinky’s room. She asks who is there. He says today she will not leave me. He closes eyes. Some time before, Anika says what was there to get so much angry, he started staring me with his Kanji eyes, am I really troubling him, yes, maybe, he is saying right, I m after him since morning, but what shall I do, since I saw that 2rs dream, my mind stopped working, Shivaye is right, that dream spoiled everything. She cries and says what shall I do, I feel something wrong happened with Shivaye. He thinks of his words and rests to sleep.

Shivaye says I can’t sit like this, I have to get out of here. He angrily throws a vase. Vase strikes the laser and falls down. He turns and looks around. Fake Shivaye says I think everyone is sleeping, its time to take plan ahead. Shivaye says there should be some way to go out, electromagnetic field can’t be everywhere. He hits the pebbles bowl. The pebbles fall down by striking lasers at one window, and pass by another window. He observes and says how can this happen.

Fake Shivaye enters Pinky’s room. Shivaye picks a pebble and throws at the window. It falls down by colliding with the EMF laser. Fake Shivaye says you did a lot, see how I ruin your good luck now. He looks for keys. Shivaye sees the other window and throws pebble, which reaches out. He confirms by throwing pebble again. He says it means pebbles can show where is the current.

Fake Shivaye hides. He looks around. Pinky asks who is it, what was that sound. She asks Shakti to get up. She says I heard some sound. He says you were snoring. She goes to get water. Fake Shivaye gets the keys from her purse and says which one is locker keys from them.

Anika gets up. Fake Shivaye takes key impressions. She says nothing is fine, else Shivaye would have not let me sleep outside, I will go and see, did he sleep well or not. Pinky comes back room. Fake Shivaye hides. She sees something under her bed. Anika goes to room and does not see Shivaye.

Pinky says what is this purse doing here, my keys, Shakti wake up. He says it will be in room, let me sleep. She asks who is there. Fake Shivaye says now she will not leave me, what shall I do, I will stop my breath. Pinky goes to check. She hears Anika calling out Shivaye and goes to see. Fake Shivaye says Pinky is dangerous, I will go before she comes back. Anika calls out Shivaye. Rudra asks what happened. She says Shivaye is not in his room. He says come, we will find. Fake Shivaye says she can catch me if I go by door, I m very smart. He sees window and sings Khidki khuli zara….

Anika and Rudra call out Shivaye. Pinky asks what are you both doing here. Anika says Shivaye is not in his room. Rudra says he is not in study and pool area. Pinky says where would he go. Rudra sees Shivaye and calls him out. He says you scared us. Anika says we were finding you. Shivaye says I was here. Anika says you were not here, we checked everywhere. He asks did you see kitchen. Pinky asks what were you doing in kitchen at this time. Shivaye says its shagun tomorrow, I was preparing for special jhakaas breakfast. They ask what did he say. Rudra says he became Anil Kapoor and holds his kurta asking him to show. Shivaye says Rudra, my new driver is Anil and Sonam’s fans, he was saying such language. Anika asks are you saying truth. He says yes. Pinky asks him not to be with driver, who will spoil his fluent english. Rudra says I m worrying for your language and hugs him. Fake Shivaye turns and says this Pahelwan has no work, he gets senti always. Pinky hugs him. Shivaye says do they do business or hug all day. He asks did you not sleep till now. Pinky says no, my purse fell down and keys were missing, my memory is weak, maybe I kept somewhere. Rudra asks Shivaye to come. Shivaye asks them to go. Rudra asks Anika to come, he will drop her to room.

Pinky asks were you really in kitchen. Shivaye says yes. She says good night and goes. He says sleep, your sleep will be ruined, see what I do tomorrow. He sees the key impressions and puts it in flower basket. He goes. Someone picks the keys impressions bar and goes.

Its morning, Pinky asks jeweler to show heavy jewelry. She shows necklaces to Dadi. Dadi selects. Pinky says now Kamini can do anything of 2 crores jewelry. Dadi asks her to look around before saying. He says I will go, I will send bill to office. He leaves. Pinky asks Dadi to think, this shagun is dowry, one who asks for dowry always has hunger. Dadi says stop it now, Billu took this decision, he would have thought something. Pinky says I think he got mad, they asked 2 crores jewelry and he is giving 5 crores jewelry, if I could, I would have given fake jewelry to them. Fake Shivaye comes and asks did you select jewelry. Pinky says yes, you should have asked Kamini to select. He asks them to come for breakfast. Pinky asks Dadi to keep all jewelry in her room. He says no, I mean, what’s the need to take it upstairs, you keep this in your safe, that will be safe. Pinky says no, I won’t keep big responsibility in my room. Dadi says Billu is right, we have to give this to Kamini in some time. Pinky says fine, I will keep. He asks her to keep it and come for breakfast.

Anika asks Shivaye to sit, he maybe tired. She says I will serve, He says no, I made it, I will serve. He serves food to everyone. They all smile and eat. He smiles.

Fake Shivaye opens the cupboard. He takes jewelry and says they won’t know this is fake jewelry, it will be fun when Pinky’s reputation ruins in Priyanka’s marriage. A lady gives a phone to Shivaye. Anika answers the call on landline. Some time before, Shivaye sees the EMF beams. He says I have to find some way to leave from here, its Priyanka’s marriage.

Priyanka asks did you change cooking style, it seems food reached to dhaba from continental level. Fake Shivaye says no, I gave indian touch for Dadi. Pinky says it smells good. Dadi asks did you keep jewelry. Pinky says yes. Shivaye says sit, I will make french toast for you. Shivaye breaks a bottle.

Fake Shivaye picks the keys from the flower basket and goes. Shivaye says come on Shivaye, you can do it. He sees the lights and steps ahead. Fake Shivaye enters Pinky’s room and reaches the safe. Shivaye proceeds slowly. Fake Shivaye opens the locker. Shivaye bends and crosses the laser beams. Fake Shivaye takes necklace and says its duplicate necklace, first duplicate Shivaye and now duplicate jewelry, they won’t know this is fake jewelry, it will be fun when Pinky’s reputation ruins in Priyanka’s marriage. Pinky says where is Shivaye, he is taking much time. Anika says I will go and see.

Shivaye gets shocked seeing a big stone rolling his way. Fake Shivaye takes all the jewelry and keeps the fake one in locker. He shuts the locker. Shivaye runs back crossing the lasers and jumps inside the room. The boulder stops at the door. Fake Shivaye leaves from Pinky’s room. Sumya sees him going. He drops the keys. Soumya says Shivaye here, wearing apron, he was making breakfast, what was he doing in Pinky’s room. Shivaye falls and gets hurt. He says Anika…. Anika senses him and says Shivaye…. She thinks same 2 rs thoughts again, why do I feel something wrong happened, is Shivaye fine.

Shivaye hears the lady’s voice. She says don’t try to run again. Shivaye tries to get up. Anika runs to Shivaye. He gets up. Anika shouts Shivaye and looks in kitchen. Fake Shivaye comes. She asks where were you. He thinks man stays in small hut or big house, wife ruins man’s freedom. She says I was finding you. He thinks and says I was just around. She says you were not here, Pinky is waiting for french toast. He says yes, I was making it, but… She asks but…He thinks but your head, you irritate a lot. He says but I got an imp call. She asks where is your phone. He thinks Shivaye’s brother is hair shop and wife is question shop, I wish to break her head, but I m bad, not very bad. She says you can’t stay without phone, I m seeing your phone is somewhere else.

He says what’s your problem, its problem when I talk or not, when I have phone or break it, I got message, I went to call by landline, maybe I left phone there, I can give all info, shall I send annual report. She says sorry, I was worried so I was asking you. He thinks what’s new. She says its my mistake, I felt… He says you are behaving strange, everyone’s alright. She says fine and goes to him. He gets back and asks what. She says I m removing your apron, everyone is waiting, I will make french toast, go. He says no, and thinks of keeping jewelry in apron. He says I don’t want anyone to disturb me when I cook, I m cooking for my mom. She says I will help. He says no, just go, someone is calling. She says fine, come soon. She goes.

He says she is solid danger, Shivaye will be happy to get saved by her. Pinky says maybe french toast is made in France. Soumya comes and greets them. Shakti says we are waiting, you also wait. Soumya asks wait for what. Pinky says Shivaye thought of making french toast for me. Soumya asks is he making breakfast, I have seen…. Anika comes and says Shivaye was busy on call. Soumya thinks strange, was he on calling from Pinky’s room, anyway why am I thinking, maybe he had some work.

Shivaye says I made plan by difficulty, it all ruined, who are you people, why did you keep me here, get me out of here. Lady says same question again, you will get answers. Shivaye asks when, who is he, what does he want. Lady says just he knows it. He says tell me who is he, and who are you. He looks around and sees a room service lady. He asks which is this place, you work here and would know, why am I caged here. Lady says she can’t hear and talk, she won’t answer you. Shivaye says you can’t hear and talk, but you can see me, I m far from house, they don’t know what I m doing, my family would be worried, please tell me where am I, you will have phone, I have to make a call home, to say don’t worry, I will come home, my sister’s marriage is going to happen, I have to go home. The lady goes. He sits sad. The lady comes back and signs him to be quiet. She gives him a mobile and goes. Landline rings. Anika answers the call on landline.

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