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Geet - Star life update Saturday 18th July 2020

Geet 18 July 2020: On Geet Saturday 18 July 2020 Star life update, Tejjy enters the house asking a servant to get recovery of some payment!! He calls up Lucky and wishes him luck n warns him to win and come or he will thrash him!! Nandini comes…and greets Tejjy..!!

Tejjy is gald to see her..!!Nandini tells Tejjy that she saw Maan…! Tejjy shocked..! Tejjy u know all this?? Nandini says.. Beeji told me.. .he is in town..n met Geet didi and talked to her as well..!! Tejjy is furious and asks for his description..!! Nandini gives n Tejjy says… let him be anywhere i will find him!!

At the wrestling competition…Beeji enters followed by Jugnu n Lucky..!! Maneet are there as well n MSK steals glances at Geet..!! The host of the competition announces the name of the contestants.. first Lucky and all are cheering…Lucky enters showing off his body…n all cheer..!! Opposite him is last years champion….. ! Jugnu is sitting next to Pammi and asks…what is happening here?? Pammi says….. Lucky is here to wrestle.. LOL Jugnu starts cheering..!

Competition starts…and last years champion starts beating Lucky and throws him on the floor! Tejjy comes from outside…and Nandini asks..did u find him?? Tejjy says no… Nandini says..he mite have left … Tejjy says…he wont go anywhere..he will be here only n asks a guy to search MSK!! Lucky is getting bashed and Jugnu cheers for opposite party n Pammi says….Lucky is ur nephew..not other one! LOL Lucky gets badly whacked and smashed and falls flat!! All are worried and anxious..!! MSK takes Lucky out..!! The announcer says look how opposite party made Lucky bites dust..! The opposite champion taunts Beeji ..n there any other Man in ur family!! MSK fumes! Jugnu says…dun worry Jugnu will play in this Kabbadi Competition!! All tease… Geet says..dun u have manner.n the guy replies rudely!! MSK asks.. Jugnu to leave…

MSK glances at Geet and takes off his shirt…..n enters the ring! He glares at the opponent!!

MSK u have any family members here?? Guy says why?? MSK says..coz when u will be thrashed who will take u home?? Guy laufs. ..n asks..who are u?? MSK says….u will know after a few minutes… coz the only name u will remember after this thrashing is Sardar Balwant Singh! MSK charges towards the guy and they start th wrestle.. all look on anxiously! The other guy whacks MSK and throws him to the ground.. .Geet holds her mangalsutra..!! Geet comes near the ring! MSK watches..! MSK starts whacking….the guy!MSK hits the other guy as he tries to touch his pagdi….with his chest and he gets thrown off far.. Beeji beams…Geet looks on..! MSK then gives filmy style mid air kicks to the guy and he falls flat…!! Geet looks on proudly…! MSK breaks the other guys leg and Pammi-Lucky-Beeji-Geet all look on beaming!! MSK says…to the guy.. now u will never forget this lesson!

Beeji enters the ring..n declares that… today Balwant Singh who is our driver….has shown that even if he is not from our family.. he is a inseparable part of our family…. He showed that what it is to live with pride and respect! MSK gets out of the ring and eyelock with Geet..!! Geet sees the injuries on his body and MSK says. ‘With Maan there…no one can dare say a word to Geet.. no one!!’ Maneet eyelock!

Jugnu is supporting Lucky n says… i will train u next year..!! Beeji tells Balwant to take Lucky with him…n Geet offers to travel in same car! Beeji agrees! Jugnu offers to come as well but Beeji says no need! MSK opens the car door and Geet holds it as well n their hands are touching.. eyelock..! Mahiii!! Lucky tells Geet that.. if i doze wake me up before we enter the village! Lucky lies down in the backseat and Maneet are in front..!! Geet self thot… MSK too must be feeling pain.. but in anger he doesnt see anything..!! MSK self thot.. i m hurt but i see the pain on ur face..then why r u so angry on me! Geet offers bottle of water to MSK n he holds her hand.. Lucky coufs and Geet removes hand..n MSK drinks!

Pammi is giving tea to Tejjy n praises Balwant..! Tejjy lost in Nandinis words of having seen MSK!! He asks Pammi to shut up n asks when Beeji will come!! Beeji comes and says.. Lucky almost cut our nose… thank God.. Balwant saved the day.. that Daara pehelwan.. insulted me a lot..!! Balwant culdn bear n jumped into the ring… he is a very simple and hearty fellow..or else who does so much for outsiders!! Beeji asks for Nandini..!! Tejjy tells Beeji about Nandini having seen Maan with Geet in market! Pammi leaves the room fast…!! Tejjy tells … Maan has come here to meet Geet!! Beeji is shocked and is fuming says.. MSK finds a way to harass Geet always..!! Tejjy says..dun worry asked my men to hunt him!! Lachchi tells Yashpal about Balwants exploits…!! Yashpal is amazed..! Pammi calls out..n Yashpal hides..!!

Pammi is asking Lucky to eat..!! Geet comes and says..u go n eat. i will feed Lucky..!! Pammi says.. no need u eat ..i will feed him! Jugnu comes n says..he is acting as if he got thrashed..! Pammi tells….u forgot.. he did get thrashed..!! Pammi is on n on about Balwant..saving the familys repute! Beeji asks Lachchi to take Lape(paste) to Balwant.. thinking he must be lying in pain all alone!! Geet gets flashbacks of MSK being thrashed…n has a sad expression on her face! Beeji points Nandini to distract Geet n she offers her paratha.. Geet says not hungry n gets up! Beeji asks Tejjy to find MSK n soon!! Pammi is searching for Lachchi n is holding the Paste(Lape) ..n sees Geet looking lost..!! Pammi asks Geet… .u left food midway.. not feeling well without MSK?? U know.. woman’s mind is like that..cant be angry for long..its hungry for love!!

Pammi tells Geet…i dunno why u left ur house.. or wat happened with MSK… but everytime i see u.. i feel u have already forgiven MSk…. this anger is only on the surface..!! I think.. fight n Lassi are same.. th more u increase it.. it will increase..but unending fight n water excess Lassi dun taste good… Listen to me… make up with MSK!! Beeji calls.. Pammi leaves n Geet says..i will take the Lape…!

Geet comes in MSKs room n he is standing near cupboard n she can see th bruises n is sad! MSK turns n Geet looks down.. MSK looks at the bowl n says..whats this?? Geet says..medicine(Lape) MSK says.. if Maan felt pain.. how can Geet not come..!! I knew u would come!! Geet says..there were many people there so i came here..!! MSK says.. u want to tell that u love me.. n cant live without me?? Thats why u came?? Geet says..came to say i met Dev! I know he came to ask me to forgive u n return with u…!! But i wont.. i have made my decision..!! And.. MSK says..n u want me to leave too?? Geet says..yes…n take this..!! MSK says.. u apply..!! Geet quiet.. MSK walks ahead… n shows his bruised back to Geet n says..if u dun apply then i wil let it be as it is..!! Geet is pained to see his bruises but says…ok fine..and leaves!! MSK says..i know u will come back..!!

Geet lying restless on her bed n grumbles..i know MSK well he is so stubborn.. he must not have applied the med..!! Geet says.. today i will also see who is bending and who breaks!! Geet comes to MSK room n sees him lying on his bed on his chest n sees the bruises!Geet is sad!

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