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Ghanaian Comedian Gives Reason Why He Dumps Bible, Quran and Torah Inside the Toilet

This is really out of hand, what a self proclaimed atheist and Ghanaian comedian, King Nana Tornado, recently shared on social is unspeakable. 

The comedian shared a picture of a Bible, Quran and Torah he dumped in his toilet saying they actually belonged there.

He said Bible, Quran and Torah belongs to the toilet, i weep for him because he don't know what he is doing. 

The controversial comedian who described religion as slavery gave reason for his actions by referring the holy books as slave manuals that has become outdated.

Tornado, known to be vocal about not believing in Jesus Christ had once slapped a prophet saying he only wanted to put fear in him for proclaiming he was going to die.

Well, i reserve my comment... 

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