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He Wanted to Strangle Me - Anambra Woman Rescued from Suicide Narrates How Bad Her Husband Has been Treating Her

Honestly some men are heartless, A woman from Anambra State was recently rescued from committing suicide because of how her husband has been treating her. 

The mother of four, Mrs Ifeoma Joy Obiora from Okpunoegbu Umudim Nnewi in Anambra State has narrates her ordeal with her husband. 

She said she have been suffering from domestic violence by her husband since her 12 years in marriage. The 27years Old Lady said:

“My husband forces sex on me and had forced me to terminate seven pregnancies, made me to suffer various illnesses.

“I got married at the age of 15 when I was in Senior Secondary one and could not finish my education. Initially, My husband gives me N500 daily for my upkeep until after much plea he increased it to N1,000. l told him to open a business for me, but he refused, and due to my deficiency in education, l can not get any work.

“Why I wanted to take my life was that my husband seized my car and bike keys and when asked, he said that he wants to put me where other men put their wives.

“I asked him for the keys to go and pick my kids from school, he said l shouldn’t worry that he will be doing that. l then collected N200 from him to go home. On getting home, my 11-year-old daughter told me that he heard her father discussing with the mother that on Monday, he went for prayers and the man of God told him to see him after service which he did and there he was told that he was not supposed to marry me, that two of us were not meant to be together, and that he should do all he could to cage me.

“After hearing these and coupled with my health challenges and what l was passing through in the marriage, l feel like ending my life, that was why I wrote that on my Facebook page,” she narrated.

“l was in the room when we heard a knock on the gate and the house boy came up and told my husband that some police officers were at the gate. He told the boy not to open the gate, the next thing is for him to start beating me, saying l had the guts to call police for him. l said l never did. He wanted to strangle me, he dragged me on the neck and came downstairs, my children were crying begging him to leave me.

“The police called him on the phone and asked what was happening. He said nothing that everything was alright. l started shouting at the background that he wants to kill me; that was why they asked him to open the door for them which he did”.

She thanked the Director of SAFENEST, a human right and social welfare group, Mrs Chukwuenyem for rescuing her from abusive marriage and also taking care of her in conjunction with other groups

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