How I Lost My Boyfriend To My Cousin - Aisha Narrates Heart Broken Story

A Nigerian lady has took to Twitter to share a heart breaking story of how her cousin sister took her boyfriend or should I say her boyfriend took her cousin sister after she visited her parents with his boyfriend. 

At home, her boyfriend met her cousins from that day, revise was the case. She said they are getting married soon. 

The Twitter user identified as Aisha with the handle @Eishaaat has taken to her page to narrate how she lost her boyfriend to her cousin sister.

According to the lady, she visited her parents’ house with her boyfriend and they met her cousin sister at home. Her boyfriend stopped talking to her after that and he is now set to marry her cousin sister.

She Tweeted,

What a disappointment and heart breaking story, had it been it was with someone who is not family with her it would have been better but this one is a cousin. Same blood. 

Take heart dear. If you are in the Lady's shoe what will you do? 

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