I Have Gotten Lots of Messages About Death, I Think About to Die

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Please I seriously need members of the Congress to pray for me. For the enemies are after me. 

Few Years back a very good facebook friend of mine had a dream about me, in the dream. 

I was bathing in a bathroom while he was standing waiting for me, a friend of his who is dead came to him in the dream and was asking him who I was to him, and he said I was a good friend to him. 

So his dead friend told him that am not longer alive, that I am dead and he took my friend to d grave were I was buried.and so he told me to seriously pray about the dream which I did. 

2ndly December 2018,at about 8pm, I was sleeping wit my 3months old baby while waiting for my husband to return from work and I had a dream, in the dream, a young guy was going about conducting deliverance. 

I trying to dodge him, but he appeared to where I was and laid hand on my forehead and I saw myself shivering on floor ,and he told me to better pray against those who are after me if not I will wake up on day, and discover am no more. 

The people were given him money for his service so I asked how much and he told me any amount, while I searched for d money to give him, he put earpiece on his ear and walked away, I ran after him but because he was wt earpiece, he didn't turn back.

Lastly, just Yesterday, I was in d dream when a man in white Agbada, sat where I was and was looking at me a strange eyes, he asked for my name and I told him. 

Then he said that all he sees over me is death, and left, I was talking with someone in d dream and d person said thesame thing so I was worried and while I was still standing the same man in while Agbada came back and asked again for my name and I told him and he said I should not be sleeping that I should be praying that death is written all over me. 

He then walked away and I woke up and checked time it was after 2am. Have bn praying and am on fasting presently, but plz I need a joint prayer, plz speak a word to my life, my 1st child is just a year 9months and am few weeks pregnant, plz ask God to prolong my days let me trains d kids he has given me, thanks and sorry for taking ur time.

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