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I Haven't Had Peace of Mind Since Last Week, Should I Tell My Mother What My Dad Told Me?

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Imagine when a peaceful family which you have been enjoying since your childhood all of a sudden wants to break up. 

I have been in this lady's shoe before, so i know how it hurts but thanks to God my parents are now back as husband and wife. 

If you have been in a family were husband and wife are not in good terms, it's feels like hell talk more of when they are totally separated. 

Please read what they lady shared with a popularly instagram relationship blogger, Joro and advice her. 

"Good morning Joro. More shoes and business
class trip Please hide my identity. Thank you Ive not had peace of mind since last week and it's really eating me up. 

"My father called me into his room sometime last week and told me he wanted to divorce my mum. He said he was tired of her and all. 

"And he didn't want to stay in the marriage any longer. I understand his reasons for wanting to leave my mother. He told me not to tell her. 

" I'm really confused. Should I tell my mother about what my father told me? She doesn't even know he wants to leave her. My father still smiles and laughs with her like nothing is
going on. My mother still cooks and does her wifely duties and thinks they are cool. 

"Yesterday she was in such a good mood cooking for my dads birthday. I don't know what to do? Am l in the right position to tell her my father plans to divorce or shouldl just keep quiet. 

" I love both my parents and I feel bad not telling my mother. And I also don't want to
betray my fathers trust. What should I do?" 

Am of the opinion that she should talk to her father let him see reasons why he shouldn't breakup with her mum. Because if he does is not gonna be funny for the entire household. Like i said earlier, i have been in the condition before. 

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