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I Want to Get Married But I Don't Know Why Guys Are Scared of Talking to Me - Pretty Lady Cries Out

The dream of every single lady is to get married someday and live happily thereafter with their husband and children, their new family. 

When i say single ladies, please i didn't include the Reverend Sister’s [wink]. Of course you know they are married to God already. 

In this part of the world, getting married is one of the priorities ladies struggle to achieve, even parents when their daughters are getting to some certain ages yet unmarried shows concern. 

Especially our mothers, they want to go for ọmụgwọ. 

A twitter user identified as Miss Shamsiya  (@Miss__shamsiya) has shown her anxiousness on this marriage of a thing saying that she is no longer getting younger, she wants to get married but she does not know why guys are scared of talking to her. 

“Am not getting any younger. i think, i need to get marry, but I don’t know why guys are scared to talk to me”

Looking at this  @Miss__shamsiya she is extremely beautiful, although she is still looking very young, she is already getting anxious. 

Probably because it is not everybody that likes to get very mature before getting married, some like to get married at a very young age.

From most of the responses she got from her followers, it was obvious that the guys are not afraid of talking to her. 

Some advised her to be patient that God would do it for her, while some felt it was probably because of her beauty that's why guys are scared. 

Wait a minute can being beautiful stop guys from approaching you or it should have been the other way round? Please let's find a way to help her out 

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