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Kulfi the singing star update Monday 20th July 2020 star life

Kulfi the singing star 20 July 2020: On Kulfi the singing star Monday 20 July 2020 star life update, Lovleen gets up in the first part of the day yelling at workers for what reason didn’t they keep her smoothie yet.

Cutie likewise strolls to her yelling where are workers. Chalu educates Kulfi that she gave 1 year’s pay to hirelings and gave them leave, they are glad to be liberated from bhagad billi Lovleen, presently her colleagues will join as workers. Guard brings Chalu’s collaborator Antar and Mantar saying they need to work for Lovleen. 

Antar and Mantar start exaggerating and state they wan’t to work for her and can do anything, cook for her, do her make up and hair, and so on., on whatever compensation she gives. Cutie gets cheerful hearing that. 

A young lady strolls in saying they are lying. Lovleen asks who is she. Cutie says she is her far off relative Beauty. Excellence says it is anything but an incident that all hirelings are missing and these 2 came in, she is certain they are faker Nimrath’s men. Lovleen yells at Antar and Mantar to get out. Nimrath strolls to them and says she sees truth in their eyes, they look like Sholay film’s Jai and Veeru and she is Gabbar and won’t do unfairness to them. She requests that they proceed to get ready aloo parantha for her. Lovleen stands raging.

Magnificence asks what will she do with faker Nimrath now. Lovleen says she will go to Kulfi’s town Chiroli and demonstrate that faker isn’t Nimrath. Magnificence says sham more likely than not gotten her work done well as aunt told she brought Nirmath’s emergency clinic records, so the most ideal path is to get faker and Kulfi’s DNA test done.

Kulfi strolls to Amyra and solicitations to tell where daddy is and reminds dad used to tell that family matters. Amyra thinks back Sikandar’s words, yet indignantly says she attempted to slaughter father, so she won’t pardon her. Kulfi says father was fine after medical procedure and somebody attempted to hurt him after that. Chalu removes Kulfi from that point and requests that her quit getting offended by Amyra and rather figure out how to be solid and not take individuals’ hogwash. Kulfi leaves. Chalu thinks Kulfi consistently dissolves.

Kulfi strolls to Tauji and inquires as to whether he realizes where is baba, somebody attempted to hurt baba as baba was fine after medical procedure. Tauji thinks how to disclose to her that Lovleen is behind this, he attempts to talk yet quit seeing Lovleen remaining behind and says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea where her baba is and she ought to go from here.’Kulfi leaves unfortunately. Lovleen strolls in and compromises Tauji that in the event that he opens his mouth, he will lose his significant other. Tauji argues to let Gunjan go, he won’t open up his mouth. Lovleen says she saw getting enthusiastic hearing Kulfi’s supplication, so on the off chance that he ever attempts she won’t spare a moment to slaughter Gunjan. Tauji keeps crying.

Antar and Mantar get ready biryani for Chalu and Kulfi. Chalu says Lovleen has one more joinee and they need twofold solidarity to battle against her, so she ought to eat biryani. Lovleen with Cutie and Amyra join. Chalu requests that they have biryani. Cutie begins acting and hacking. Lovleen gets concerned. Cutie winks. Lovleen cautions if something happens to her mom, she won’t extra her. Excellence quietly strolls into Chalu and Kulfi’s room and pours gum on their cushions. Nirmath gets stressed that Cutie may kick the bucket.

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