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Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 15th July 2020 star life

Kulfi the singing star 15 July 2020: On Kulfi the singing star Wednesday 15th July 2020 star life update, Kulfi keeps on looking Sinkandar in entire house. Lovleen fiercely junks Chalu.

Chalu pushes er away and escapes with Chalu. Back in her sanctum, Chalu squirms miserably while her companions and Kulfi apply medication on her injuries. She asks Kulfi what was she looking in that house. Kulfi says she went to look through her baba/father and discloses to her story in detail. Chalu and her companions feel dismal for Kulfi. Kulfi inquires as to whether she will meet her dad. Chalu says she may and may not and takes her along to her uncle and aunt’s home with basic food item and blessings and inquires as to whether they took meds on schedule, she sent handyman to fix pipes, and so on.. Uncle and aunt request that her unwind and get some information about Kulfi. Chalu says she is her companion. Uncle and aunt state without Chalu’s assistance, they would have been on road. Chalu gets enthusiastic and leaves saying she will return soon. Kulfi welcomes uncle and aunt and pursues Kulfi.

Amyra discloses to Sikandar that her tune become super hit and mamma hosts masterminded new year gathering at home for all famous people, she is singing a rap tune devoted for Kulfi for the treachery she did to Sikandar by attempting to execute him, and so forth.. Lovleen strolls in and sending Amyra out locks entryway, penetrates needle into Sikandar’s neck and removes him to a mystery place on wheelchair saying no one will know where he is.

Chalu runs aside and attempts to cry. Kulfi asks reason. Chalu admits that the old couple are her genuine guardians and not uncle and aunt; her folks had 4 children as of now when she was conceived, \they adores children and thought about her as risk, so they dropped her in a halfway house simply following 2-3 days of her introduction to the world; she some way or another experienced childhood in shelter and get some answers concerning her folks; when she met them to go up against them, they themselves were on street as their children sold out them and tossed them on street, so she received them as uncle and aunt and carried them to her home, from that point forward she never uncovered her actual personality. 

Kulfi genuinely says their accounts are comparative, Chalu can’t call her genuine guardians are guardians, yet her mom has died and she is looking through her dad. She attempts to embrace Chalu. Chalu stops her and cautions not to get excessively passionate.

Gathering begins at Sikandar’s home. Amayra sings rap melody and engages visitors. Lovleen begins her discourse. Chalu with Kulfi strolls in. Lovleen hollers at Kulfi and asks whom did she bring. Chalu asks who is she. Lovleen says she is in her home and asking who is she, she is Sikandar’s significant other. Chalu says Lovleen is Sikandar’s second spouse, yet she is his first wife. Lovleen stands seething more.

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