Ladies, After Reading This You Should Have A Rethink About Yourself

Words of Advice from Queen Bin-Laden @Q__BinLaden to ladies who thinks men can't live without them. 

Stating that most ladies has nothing to contribute to a relationship if not in the other room. 

Ladies after reading what this lady wrote on social media, you should have a rethink. 

Ask yourself, what i do have to offer to my Husband, Boyfriend, Fiancée or your hobby. 

She Wrote:

"Men of today can cook,clean & do laundry.Basically they can do all chores & they can finance their lifestyle. 

" So stop acting like these black men need you just because
you have a big a$s &juicy p#$sy

"Work on ur personality & attitude because with or without
you he will survive. 

" These black men are so independent and they work very
hard. As a matter of fact we need them more than they need us. 

"Honestly most women just squirt and fart. That's basically
their contribution in a relationship. 

" Sometimes she doesn't love you,she loves how available you are to her financial needs. 

"That is why most of the time when a man lose his job he also lose his woman" 

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