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Might My Mum Be A Witch? 28years Old Lady Asks After What Her Mum Told Her

A 28years old lady says she is in a relationship with a nice guy, though they do have misunderstanding after which they resolve their issues. 

In some cases, she do tell her mom about their ups and downs instead of her to give her relationship advice on what to do she will tell her to break up with the guy stating that Marriages is not by force. 

This mother of hers who keep saying marriage is not by force divorced her dad and married another man yet she is saying marriage is not by force.

Now the lady in question thinks her mum is a witch that doesn't want her to get married. 

"I'm 28 years and in a serious relationship with a really nice guy. Like all relationships we have our ups and downs, little fights here and there and every time I speak to my mum about the fights with my boyfriend all she keeps saying is " let him go, marriage is not by force". 

"But l'm not telling her my problems because I want to break up. I just need to talk to someone at that time.

" My mum on the other hand is in her second marriage after divorcing my dad because they didn't just get along. So my own question now is why did she marry second husband. Shebi marriage is not by force.

" I'm beginning to think there's something fishy. I think my mum doesn't want me to get married.I don't know if l'm taking it too far but might she be a witch?" 

Source: Joroolumofin Instagram Page

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