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My Husband Sleeps with Strippers and Always Infect My With STD - What Do I Do?

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A Nigerian woman who is based in the US narrates how her Husband sleeps around, and raped her without wearing a condom for protection for the safety their unborn child.

Narrating the story to Joro, The Relationship blogger, the unidentified woman said she wants to leave her marriage because her husband sleeps with strippers and always infect her with STD.

She wrote: “I am a Nigerian woman, I live in the US with my Husband. My Husband is a cheat and has been cheating for years in our Marriage. I have spoken to him, begged him, i have prayed, i have spoken to his family members and nothing changed.”

“When the black lives protest started, My Husband started going out Everyday. My Asian Friend told me my Husband goes to a strip club well and sleeps with the strippers.”

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“He will come late, am 4 months pregnant, i told him if he continues cheating he has to wear a condom before we have sex for the safety of our Baby. He acted like he didn’t hear me.”

“Last week, My Husband came home drunk and he was smelling of female Perfume, i confronted him and called his mother, His mother what i did to make the House Boring for him? His Family always put Blames on Me.”

“The one that made me weak, Yesterday my Husband came home and climbed in bed with me, he started to cuddle me before, before i knew it his penis got hard and i told him that i know he has been cheating he can’t go in Raw. My husband got angry and pressed me on the bed and entered me forcefully, i was begging him and started crying more because this is not the first time have treated Disease given to my by my husband.

“I have a 5 year old son already. i want to leave this marriage but somewhere inside me still thinks my husband loves me and he can can change.”

“I want to take my son and stay with my sister in the neighboring state.”

“Is this a good idea? What can i do to make him love me again and treat me like a queen again. Things were once good.”

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