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My Sister’s Husband Woke Me Up At Midnight and Force Me to...

This story was shared few minutes ago by GhClues. It will cover our Matters of the Heart today. 

Please read and advice this young lady. 

“Please kindly take your time and read this story of what happened between my sister’s Husband and myself. Be patient to find out what happened, no need to rush”

I Became fatherless at the Age of 10 (we live in Kumasi Ghana), as I was told by my poor mother that my father died when I was still tender. My mother told me that my late father was killed, as he did not die naturally. So his sudden demise made us suffer so severely. But hope was on sight when I was Seventeen Years Old.

We are a family of three, My elder sister who got married when I was 16 years Old. Myself and am seventeen years Old and my junior brother who is 15 years old. My sister got married to her husband not because he is wealthy but because she loves him. And she to works in a movie company as a Make up Artist.

I recall vividly that when I clocked 17 years old, my mother failed sick and this got us some how paralyzed as we spent huge amount of money in the hospital for her medical bills. But to the Glory of GOD she later died. I was left with only my younger brother and my sister who stays with her husband in Kumasi, Ghana. I discussed with my Younger brother that we both we stay in our family house since we can’t go and squat with our sister in her matrimonial home.

My mother before her death, will always advise us to be responsible. That we should always remember our background and family. And so we made her a promise that we shall not let her down even in death. Later our uncles decided that we should go and stay with our sister because we are orphans and it will be dangerous for us to stay alone in the house, considering the evils that boys do in the community.

We later moved in with our sister in her matrimonial home. Our sister’s husband called us and asked us what we intend to do since he can’t afford to train the both of us in school and train his own family members too. He asked us to think about it and gave him a feedback. So my younger brother decided to learn a trade (Electrical wiring) and I decided to learn how to do Decorations and Event Planning. When we told him about it, he was happy over it. And so he told me he will secure me a job in the same hotel where he works as the assistant manager, and he later did.

I started working in the Hotel as a receptionist. The pay was good and everything was moving fine because I can do practicals with the money I earn at my workplace (where I learn about decorations and event planner). The Manager of the company will always hangout with some female staffs of the hotel when they’re on shift. He has severally asked me out but I will always keep on refusing him.

Then one day, my sister got a Job that they will be going to shoot a movie that will last for a month or more. So she had to travel out to the shooting location which was in another state. So one night I came back from work late in the night because we had to decorate a hall which was to be used as wedding/reception arena, I decided to pass the night in my hotel room. 

I was in my night dress totally [email protected] While I was fast asleep, I started hearing some voice, one waa telling the other to what he wants to do that she will not do anything about it. The other voice told him that is better he woke her up so that it won’t look like he raped her.

I woke up immediately and found my sister’s husband seating on my bed with his manager standing close to me. He told me stay calm that no one will notice this and he will pay me handsomely. I tried to shout but he covered my mouth. And right that moment, out manager forcefully had his way on me. I looked up to GOD in tears and told him to avenge me. 

My sister’s husband later came back in the morning and offered me some money to buy my silence, but I turned down his money.

Note that the picture used in this article is a fictional One
In a nutshell, I have since then been in a State of trauma and depressed. I don’t know of I should tell my sister because this could break their marriage. I don’t Know if I should tell my junior brother. Am totally confused. I seriously need a help from you Guys. What should I do please.

Kindly share your advice for this young lady who has been shattered. And share this too because a lot of young girls are going through this same abuse.

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