Newly Born Twin Babies Dies After Their Mother Dumped Them in a Dustbin in Calabar

So bad as newly born Twin Babies has reportedly died after their Mother allegedly dumped them in a waste bin in CALABAR, Cross Rivers state.

According to Paradise News, The Babies were seen in dustbin on Thursday, July 16, 2020, at Mayne Avenue extension by Goldie Street, Calabar South local government area, lying dead without clothes.

An Eyewitness identified as Eka Divine said At about 7am morning she went to dispose her refuse, and saw people gathered at the waste bin – with some murmuring. When she moved closer, she saw a pair of between twins lying without clothes and I noticed that their umbilical cord is still intact, but there’s no life found in them.

She Laments the death of the Innocent Babies, adding that she is a woman and she knows the pains she went through while giving birth to her own children.

“Why on earth will a woman pass through the pains of pregnancy, labour and then abandon the babies in such a cruel place to die? I am still wondering why. she said.

(Paradise News)

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