Photos of What Wicked Aunty Did to This Little Girl and Ran Away from Police

These photos of a young girl has been trending online after her auntie pour hot water on her. 

After pour the little girl the hot water that ripped off her skin she she local powder to cover the affected areas. The local powder helps to reduce the damages of the burns and pain. 

The Incident occurred in Lokoja, Kogi State.

KINGSPARO.COM sourced this news was sourced from Twitter. 

Twitter user @olupedumejiephwhe who shared the story online revealed that the girl’s aunt took to her heels when she heard someone asking that the police should be involved.

This girl was poured Hot water by her aunt/guardian this morning in lokoja Kogi state. Very disheartening 😠😠😠😠😠. Wen she hard the police were coming she ran away 😠😠😠😠@segalink @PoliceNG 

— Jephthah Omo Bunu (@olugbemijephwhe) July 9, 2020

A few hours later, @olupedumejiephwhe gave an update stating that the girl’s aunt had been found and placed in police custody.

Thank you guys!
The woman has been apprehended, shes in police detention right. Those who live around said she's use to such abuse on the young girl.

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