Please Help! Am Pregnant for My Father In law I Don't Know What To Do

Today's Matters of the Heart "Help, I’m pregnant for my father-in-law. Don’t know what to do

Please advice the young lady on what to do, if you have matters of the heart issues boring you you will like us to publish please don't hesitate to send it to us as well. 

"I am a mother of two, presently pregnant with my third child.

" My husband thinks he is the father of my unborn child but in the real sense of it, the child is his father’s.

"As you read, please I want a fair advice on how to go about this. My first daughter is also not my husband’s child. His friend who was his best man at our wedding is the father.

" It all started when I and my husband had some marital issues and I went to his father, who is a widower to complain. One thing led to another and his father got me laid.

" My s*x life took a new turn since then as I always went to him when I was down emotionally. We would make ‘sweet’ love and I go back home like nothing happened.

" In the course of that, I got pregnant and I wanted to abort it but my father-in-law threatened to kill me if I did.

" Now I am 6months gone and I am devastated. My husband has even gone shopping for ‘our’ unborn baby and whenever I look at him, I feel so ashamed of myself.

" Do I break the news to him before the baby is born or do I wait till I put to birth?

"On the contrary, his father wants me to keep it a top secret between us but as the days go by, I lose my strength to hold on to it.

" I have been happily married to my husband for 15 years.

"What do I do now? In my dreams, I see my father-in-law trying to kill my husband and I can’t take it anymore.

Please advise me on how to get out of this mess." 

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