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She Spent it On You - Reactions As Man Says His Girlfriend Stole His 150k Still Use It to Buy Him Birthday Gifts Worth 150k

My GF stole 150k from me to buy me Bday gift worth like 150k. What dol do?

A Man took to Instagram to share how his girlfriend celebrated his birthday for him. According to him, he said his girlfriend stole his money, One Hundred and Fifty thousand Naira and still use it to buy birthday gift worth same amount. 

He wrote:

"Good evening Joro, Anonymous Please Hope ur gd?

"I don't no what to do or how I should I feel, Last week I lost 150k in my house but that day I had a few visitors because of aunt bday and all. 

"But I gave my man purse to my GF. Later she said she lost it and then found it and the money was missing. Some week and the money was missing. Some week before that I saw her bank account for her Access that's here most of her money is, she has 27k there. 

"My bday came BOOM she bought me a lot of nice things. Joro when I calculated the whole thing it costing and all it was like 140k lite. Should I be happy with my gift or ask her
where she got money from? Be like Robin Hood Gf steal from the rich to give to the poor but in this case she stole 
from me to give to me.

"Am I overacting the matter?" 

Some of the social media users has reacted to his post. Some reactions below. 

"Nah who go solve the matter😫 if she did not buy you anything now, you would not waste time to run down here and complain" 

"Please ask her, to reduce confusion. If she wants to buy a gift for you she shouldn’t need to steal or ask you for the money, she might as well not bother. 

"It’s disturbing enough to have such thoughts, so your best option is to bring it up in a discreet and respectful manner first, so you don’t just throw the blame around." 

"Nr be una de like surprise well wellπŸ™„πŸ™„u see surprise wey big pass u naw u de complainπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚" 

"Be happy that u got a birthday gift ooo...😩😩😩.. it's not stealing... miss Robin hood... u are ur hero πŸ˜‚" 

"Ask her. Atleast she didn’t use the money and buy wig πŸ˜‚ she spent it on you." 

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