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These are 3 Ways You Can Make Your Message, Comment or Opinion Appear On #BBNajia TV Screen

Do you want your comments, opinions or even messages about BBNAIJA show be available in the Live Show? 

How to Send Message to BBNaija TV Screen

For the avid fan of bbnaija who would like to share their comments and message on big brother naija tv screen, here are 3 ways you can send your message to big brother naija and make sure your opinions appear on bbnaija tv screen.

You must have seen people’s opinion and comment scroll through your tv screen while watching bbnaija show and probably wondering how you can show your own comment too. 

Well, search no further as we unveil to you the step by step guide on How To Make Your Message/Comment Appear On BBNaija Tv Screen while watching BBNaija Show.

BBnaija Tv Screen Message Guide: How To make Message/Comments Appear on Big Brother Naija 2020 TV Screen Live 

BBNaija tv screen message
Below are 3 different methods to show send your messages/ opinions to big brother naija and make them appear at the bottom of your bbnaija tv screen.

Step 1: Using Africamagic tv/big brother msg2tv Portal
The first method and probably most efficient method of showing your message on bbnaija tv screen is via Africa magic tv big brother msg2tv portal.

Portal Link:

Click on the Facebook log in tab and sign in your Facebook account to take you back to the portal.
In the message box, type in your comment/opinion you will like to show on big brother naija tv screen.
Click on the Send Message link below to submit your message for approval by big brother. upon moderation, your message will be displayed on big brother naija tv screen

Step 2: Twitter #bbnaija

For active twitter fans, you can show your message on big brother naija tv screen by tweeting with the hashtag #bbnaija. After sending your tweet, next is to wait and watch to see your own message scroll too.

Step 3: SMS

You can also send in your message via SMS but there are some few limitations. This option is only available for viewers in Nigeria and also incurs an SMS charge of N30 per SMS. If you live in Nigeria, you can show your comment on bbnaija tv screen by texting your message to 32052

Tips: Messages will have to be approved by Big Brother before they appear on your Tv Screen, so make sure you stay glued to your Tv Screen so you don’t miss the moment when your message appears.

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