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This is Fate (Season 2) update Tuesday 14th July 2020

This is Fate 14 July 2020: On This is Fate (Season 2) Tuesday 14 July 2020 update, Sammy tells Srishti everything that happened between him and Tanvi. He even tells Srishti that he will tell the entire family that he loves her.

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This is Fate (Season 2) update Tuesday 14th July 2020

Srishti gets upset at Tanvi but softens her feelings for Sammy. Just then Sammy is taken away to announce the dance.

Sammy pairs Rishabh with Preeta for the first dance. While Preeta is dancing with Rishabh, Sherlyn stops the song. She demands to dance with Rishabh and asks Preeta to dance with Prithvi. However, when Sherlyn is dancing with Rishabh she ends up fainting.

Karan stops Prithvi from being next to Sherlyn. Meanwhile, Preeta is attending to Sherlyn and empties the room. She then takes a blood sample from Sherlyn while she is unconscious. She then calls Karan into the room and tells him that she will test Sherlyn’s blood to find out if she is pregnant.

Karan asks her to not talk about this blood test to anyone including Prithvi. Preeta agrees to keep it a secret. Later, Prithvi tries to find out what happened to Sherlyn, Preeta tells him is was just acidity and nothing more. Prithvi is happy that nobody suspects anything. Preeta is happy to finally have proof against Sherlyn.

Later when Karan is with his mother she asks him to help in the wedding decorations. Karan tells her he has more inportant things like stopping the wedding so he won’t help her.

Karan thinks Preeta must have reached the laboratory to get the reports. He awaits her call.
Mahesh says at times what appears isn’t true, but we can’t explain it to everyone. His father stands with him. If he doesn’t want this marriage, then it won’t happen. Karan comes into the room and says that’s the right thing, the girl isn’t right one. Karan thinks he has no proof, but he thinks Preeta will soon be here with Sherlin’s reports, then he will break this wedding.

Shrishti comes outside and asks why Bee ji and Janki aren’t ready. They weren’t ready for going to the wedding. Dadi and Janki were angry with Sarla, she hadn’t informed them. Shrishti says she went there for wedding of her friend’s daughter, and did this for the first time. Dadi and Janki say they aren’t ready to go to Rishab’s wedding with Sherlin; that’s another reason. Shrishti leaves.

Sherlin comes to meet Sarla. She asks her goons to untie her face. She tells Sarla it’s her wedding today. Sarla shouts she will never get married. Sherlin wasn’t listening and was irritated by Sarla’s screaming. She gets her mouth shut. Sherlin now shows her wedding dresses, asking about Sarla’s consent what to wear. 

She says till it will be time for Preeta or Shrishti’s wedding, Sarla might not be alive. There might never be a time when Preeta and Shrishti get married any soon. Sarla didn’t speak at all or open her face. 

Sherlin says she won’t forgive Sarla even if she rubs her nose into her feet, then stuffs a Laddu into Sarla’s mouth. She says now that her Kundli was matched with Rishab, next time she will meet her with sindoor in her hairline. She tells the goons to feed Sarla and keep her alive, she will come to meet her as Mrs. Rishab Malhotra.

In the room, Sherlin was ready. Prithvi comes there to meet her, and was happy that there plan will now be final. No one would have imagined that Prithvi Malhotra planted the bomb named Sherlin into Luthra family. Sherlin says she won’t destroy Luthra family with her looks, but with her brain. Sherlin’s mother comes to the room. Prithvi had hidden behind the curtain but Sherlin asks him to come out. Prithvi tries to take the blessings but she forbids him to touch her at any cost. 

She says its Sherlin’s wedding with Rishab, he must not wander any closer to her daughter. Sherlin says she won’t marry if he isn’t around. Prithvi tells Sherlin’s mother that he would stay around and do every possible thing not to break the wedding. After Prithvi has left, Sherlin tells her mother to go and entertain the guests, it will take her some time to get ready.

Preeta was trying to stop an auto. She stood at road side and calls Karan. He says he had been waiting for her call. Preeta says the reports are with her, they read what they had doubted. He offers to pick her up, but Preeta says no one must doubt them. 

Karan was emotional and thanks Preeta. She has saved his brother’s life; thanks a lot Preeta. Preeta was moved that he never spoke his heart out. Karan says he can even give up his life for what she has done. 

Preeta tells him to think before he speaks, what if she truly demands his life. Karan says just ask once. Preeta was moved. Karan tells Preeta to break her marriage with Prithvi, he has a better option for her.

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