What My Father Inlaw Told Me When I Report My Cheating Wife to Him Make me Cry

Read him!

Good evening ma. I desperately need advise. I am so sorry about the loss of your father inlaw. Now my story. I lost my job for over 8 years now and my wife is helping out to pay some bill's. 

It's not that I dont help out but the house rent, Nepa bills and children fees mostly are what my wife takes care of. 

I dont know how to cook but i help her out in other areas but clothes i dont wash. My wife pays the woman that comes to the house to wash toilet/clothes every Saturday. I bugged my wife phone and noticed that she is dating her manager. 

I had to call my father inlaw to tell him about what I found out about his daughter, the only thing this man told me was to return his daughter if I am tired of the marriage, that I must be very stupid to monitor his daughter instead of finding something to do to help his daughter. 

I swept. 

My mother inlaw is late. I dont even want to start writing what my wife vomited hearing I involved her father. Am I the only man who has lost his job before? Is this nice madam? 11 years of marriage with 3 kids. My wife is 40 years, I am 44 years.

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