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What He is Doing to Me Isn't Right, I Want to Live Him

Posted as shared by Madam Cynthia on Facebook, please read and advice the young Nigerian Lady. 

Good evening ma. Please, I need your advise and I don't mind you sharing with your Facebook family.

I found out my boyfriend is cheating on me. He's such a wonderful man and I could've sworn that he was faithful. I was at his place a few days ago and my curiosity got the better part of me. 

So I went thru his texts and found out he's cheating with a lady and they've been having sex. 
It really broke my heart. But I've not said anything to him about it cos I wasn't supposed to go thru his phone. I regret seeing those texts. I can't look at him the same way anymore. I truly love him and I thought he loves me that much too.

He's so committed to making me a better person. He pays for trainings for me to attend, he launches into "fix-it" mode anytime I encounter a problem. He hates to see or feel I'm not ok. 

He's future oriented. He plans for our future passionately. He's so loving and caring. I've met his family also. I thought I was safe with him. But knowing that he's cheating on me breaks me. I question everything he does now, like he might be doing the same for the other woman. 

Do you suggest I bring it up with him? How can I go about this, please? 

 I'm sorry for the way I wrote it. My mind is sort of clouded and it's hard to think straight.

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