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Zara’s Nikah Zee world update Thursday 23rd July 2020

Zara’s Nikah 23 July 2020: On Zara’s Nikah Thursday 23 July 2020 Zee world update, Zara is locked in cell, she coughs and asks for water but officer doesnt listen to her. Zara says listen to me.

Female Inspector is with Kabir, Kabir says where is mty wife? inspector says you have to answer our questions, Kabir says if I dont find my Zara then I wont spare you. Inspector asks if he ever hurt his wife? he says why would I do it? I am an educated man, inspector says maybe she left you because she couldnt bear your anger. Kabir says why would she leave me? inspector says maybe she was tired of your issues. Kabir says she is not a weak girl to leave me like that, she would fight against injustice, I will find my Zara, you can hide her anywhere but I will find her, she didnt runaway nor will I runaway because I am not a coward, he leaves. Inspector says he loves his lover like I love my lover.

Officer tie Zara’s hads, Zara says what are you doing? God will not spare you.

Kabir sees a video of Zara getting arrested, he watches it again and sees name tag of female inspector Gazala who is same inspector who told him that Zara left him. Kabir is stunned and says I know this inspector.

Inspector Gazala comes to Zara’s cell. Zara glares at her and recalls how she said that she killed her husband Siraj. Gazala asks her to look down but Zara doesnt, she starts slapping Zara and asks her to look down but Zara doesnt, she beats her and grabs her hair, she says we dont let anyone talk with eyes here, she hits her head on cell bars. Zara grumbles for water and says I didnt kill your husband. Gazala says you killed him and I will take revenge for it.

Imran searches about Gazala, he says she is an incounter specialist. Kabir says Shahbaz is not taking call too. I dont understand she was helping us before, did Siraj buy her? Imran says its not possible, he shows him news of Siraj getting hanged.

Gazala drowns Zara in high pressure water, Zara cries for help.
Kabir says Siraj is not alive then why she is doing this? Kabir says to Imran that Zara’s life is in that woman’s hand and I wont let anything happen to her, he leaves.

Officer brings clothes and jewelry for Zara. Gazala glares at her and makes her wear jewelry, Zara asks her what she is doing? she recalls how Siraj made her forcefully ready too. Gazala says I want to see what Siraj saw in you, Zara says you are Siraj’s wife, you dont know what devil was in his mind. Gazala says there is devil in every man’s mind but women like you provoke it. Zara says there is a difference between people like you and me, we show our beauty to our husbands only. Gazala says you cant show it to your husband now.

Kabir comes to male inspector and asks how much money did you take to hide Siraj’s case, if you dont tell me then you will be stuck with commissioner, he was involved in that case, tell me what relation Gazala have with Siraj? inspector says Gazala have gone mad after Siraj;s death, she was Siraj’s wife. Kabir says oh God thats why she is keeping Zara with her? where is Zara? inspector says she have kept her in high security jail. Kabir leaves. inspector messages someone.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to Gazala and says where is my wife? she got lost outside your police station. Gazala says maybe your wife ranaway. Kabir says stop telling me lies and do your duty. Gazala asks officers to arrest him. They arrest him. Male inspector whispers to Kabir that I have done your work.

Imran calls Reema and says things are not right here. Reema says same here, all are worried, we are not able to contact Shahbaz. Imran asks to take care of things there, he ends call.

Imran comes to police station, he says to Gazala that my friend Kabir and Zara are missing, he sees her name and glares at her, Gazala laughs and says prepare for their deaths, she asks officers to throw him out.

Zara is tied and hang from noose, she is standing on stool, there are rats on floor. Gazala says I used to make Siraj eat with my hands but he stopped when he started chatting with you. Zara says it was not me, I never chatted with him, I didnt look at another man other than my husband, I never provoked him. Gazala throws food at rats so they become more aggressive. Zara asks her to not misuse her powers, she says what about my husband? Zara says if you want to take revenge then kill me. Gazala says I saw love in your husband’s eyes for you like Siraj used to love me so I will kill him first infront of you. zara says no dont hurt my Kabir, he didnt do anything, kill me but leave him. Gazala throws her stool away, Zara hangs from ceiling, Gazala asks her to shout for her husband like I cry for my husband every night, Kabir will go to Siraj, you will die too but after Kabir. She cuts her noose, Zara falls on ground and whispers for Kabir.
Kabir is surrounded by some goons. Zara feels his presence in jail. She says Kabir? Gazala says what a connection, he is here. Want to listen his voice? Goons start beating Kabir in another cell. Zara cries for him ad shouts Kabir. She tries to run to him but Gazala stops her. Zara asks her to beat her but pleads to leave Kabir. Gazala asks her to goons to stop beating Kabir, they do. Gazala starts beating Zara badly, Zara cries in pain. Goons are beating Kabir too. Gazala leaves Zara in cell. Goons covers Kabir’s face in chili powder, he screams in agony. Kabir tries to leave cell but they keep beating himg. Kabir whispers Zara dont be scared, I am coming to save you. Zara in another cell says Kabir why did you come here? if anything happens to you then I wont be able to bear it.

Kabir and Zara are dragged to main part of police station, they run to each other and hug tightly. Gazala smirks. Goons try to separate them but Gazala says leave them, let them hug for 30seconds. Kabir and Zara tightly hug each other. Gazala says time finished. They are draged away from each other. Gazala asks everyone to leave. Kabir runs to Zara, he says we didnt kill Siraj. Gazala says your wife killed him, she wants to steal other husbands, my Siraj left this world here and you both will die here too. Zara says you are police officer, I didnt make that profile, it was fake one. Kabir says your husband wanted to marry someone’s wife, think about his character. Gazala points gun at them. Zara comes forward and says if you want to kill then kill me but for Siraj’s sake leave Kabir. Gazala says you both decide who will die first. Zara says me, Kabir says me, Zara asks him to listen to her to first. Kabir says I cant see you die first. Zara says how will I die when I see you dead? I cant see you dead. Gazala says lets play a game. She puts only one bullet in a gun and says lets see who will die between three of us, She gives one to Kabir and says game is that you will shoot me first, if I get saved then you will shoot your wife and if she get saved then you will shoot yourself. Kabir says what if we both get saved? she says then I will shoot you both. Kabir points gun at her and shoots but its empty. Gazala asks him to shoot his wife, he cant, Zara points gun at herself, Kabir closes his eyes and prays for Zara’s safety, he shoots but there is no bullet. Gazala asks him to shoot himself, Zara says no, he says goodbye, he shoots but there is no bullet. Zara and Kabir hug each other. Gazala says you both will die with my hands, Zara says I will die first. Gazala says your husband will die first. Zara says no. Kabir says will you not ask me if I am doing for duty or because of love? she recalls how she asked him earlier too. She asks love or duty? he says love and only love. Zara smiles at him and hugs him tightly, they both cry. Gazala smirks and points gun at Kabir but Kabir still have that one bullet gun in his hands and shoots Gazala, bullets fires and hits her chest. Gazala falls and dies. Flashback shows when Kabir was hugging Zara, he changed bullet’s position on first one and shot her. Zara and Kabir both fall down and sigh in relief. Kabir laughs and hugs her. Zara smiles and feels peace in his arms.

Miraj offers sweets to Ruksaar and says congrats on your engagement. Ruksaar deliberately throws water on her shirt and goes to wash it.

Ruksaar comes to washroom and fumes in anger, she recalls Miraj and Zara planning her engagement, she tries to take off her ring but its tight. Ruksaar breaks mirror in anger. She sees her ring and says if I cant take it off then I will cut my finger but I will not wear ring of someone else. Ruksaar takes glass piece and is about to cut her finger but Zeenat comes there and stops her, she asks her if she has gone mad? Ruksaar says this ring is not coming off. Zeenat says why are you worried? this was just an engagement not marriage, you told me that you dont have to take divorce to break this engagement, dont hurt yourself, we have to do something that will make Hamdan and his family to deny this wedding. Ruksaar says I have an idea.

Ayesha gives gifts to Hamdan’s mother, she says we dont need them. Ruksaar puts a letter in gift box but it falls out near Zara’s feet. Ayesha says Zara prepare for all these gifts. Zara says Ruksaar is like Shahbaz’s daughter and my husband asked to not leave anything behind in this wedding. Hamdan’s mom asks her to bless Ruksaar to be a daughter in law like her. Zara sees guest off. Zeenat takes Ruksaar’s letter from ground and gives it to Ruksaar. Ruksaar puts her letter in a gift and gives it to Hamdan’s sister.

At night, Zara recalls how Ruksaar said that Shahbaz promised to make Kabir marry her. She sees Shahbaz going and stops him, she asks did I do something wrong that you think Ruksaar is a better daughter in law than me? Shahbaz says why you are saying like that? someone said something? Zara says ruksaar said that you promised her that you will give Kabir to her. Shahbaz says you remember when you and Kabir were getting engaged, Ruksaar cut her wrist, to make her mental condition stable at that time, I said those words to her just to make her feel better but dont have any doubt now, you are daughter in law of this house and we respect you so much. Kabir comes there and says sorry to listen to your conversation, you shouldnt have promised Ruksaar anything. Shahbaz says I did everything for my family’s respect, I wanted to end that matter. Kabir says I am sorry but you did everything for yourself, I have started understanding that you do things for your selfish reasons and its not good, he leaves. Zara leaves too.

All eat sehri together. Ayesha gets Hamdan’s mom’s call. Ayesha takes call and asks if everything is fine? she says what? but why? okay goodbye. Ayesha says to Shahbaz that she seemed angry and said that she will come here today and will talk about Hamdan and Ruksaar’s wedding. Ruksaar smirks.

Hamdan and his mom comes to Shahbaz’s house. They are angry. Ayesha asks what happened? Hamdan shows her a letter and says Ruksaar sent it to us. Zara says whats written in that letter? Kabir takes letter and reads it, it says “I am a girl who doesnt have parents so I just want to tell you that our family usually give birth to girls, my parents had only two girls and others have girls too so after marriage I might have only daughters too and might not have a son”. Kabir says what rubbish is this? Hamdan’s mom says what if this rubbish is true? Zara says even if they have girls then whats wrong with it? mom says you kept us in dark. Zara says to Hamdan that you have broad thinking, women are not behind men in this age. Kabir says let me talk. Hamdan says even I heard that Kabir was going to marry Ruksaar but he denied why? because of same reason? Hamdan’s mom says we cant do this wedding, we are breaking it off, they leave. Kabir says to Ruksaar that this all happened because of us and your honor got tarnished because of us so I will accept you, I will marry you, Zara is shocked. Ruksaar smirks… this all turns out to be Ruksaar’s dream. Zeenat wakes her up and says your dream is going to fulfill soon, Hamdan’s mom is coming, get ready.

Scene 2
Hamdan and his mom comes to their house. Hamdan shows Ruksaar’s letter to Ayesha and Shahbaz. Kabir asks what is this? he reads letter and asks Ruksaar what is this? answer me. Ruksaar looks on and prays God make my dream come true. Hamdan says to Ruksaar you thought we will read this letter and break off this wedding? but my faith is not that weak to break wedding on such small topics, and Zara cleared all misunderstandings. Zara says after Ayesha got a call from them, I called Hamdan, he told me about letter, I just told him that there is no such thing like boys over girls in our religion and its decision is in God’s hands, Ruksaar was just worried so she told Hamdan everything. Hamdan says Zara’s words touched my heart and Ruksaar’s respect is more in my eyes now. Hamdan’s mom says we want Ruksaar to become our daughter in law before Eid so we celebrate it with her, lets get this wedding next Friday. Ayesha says we are happy with this decision, lets prepare for wedding next week. Ruksaar is shocked. Zara hugs Ruksaar and congratulate her. Zeenat says I think we need time to prepare. Zara says dont worry I will handle everything. Zara says to family that I have made Ruksaar my sister so I will do all preparations for my sister’s wedding. Zara whispers to Ruksaar that you wanted to be another woman in Kabir’s life but now I will send you from this house as Kabir’s sister in law. Hamdan’s mom makes Ruksaar sit and says God bless you. Ruksaar glares at Zara. Miraj comes there and asks if Kabir is home? Kabir greets him. Miraj says sorry did I come at wrong time? Kabir says you are like family member to us, you gave us an idea to get Ruksaar married earlier and it worked out. Ruksaar glares at him and leaves. Zeenat looks on.

Miraj says to Kabir that we have to file our deal papers tomorrow in court. Miraj sees his servant bringing his bags inside. Miraj asks him to take it back. KAbir asks what is this? Miraj says I am staying at a hotel. Kabir asks his servant to keep his bags in guest room. Miraj says its not needed. Kabir says we keep our friends close, they dont need hotels, you are staying here. Miraj thanks him and smirks.

Ruksaar comes to her room and bangs her head on window. Zeenat stops her and asks her if she has gone mad? Ruksaar doesnt stop so Zeenat slaps her and says nothing will come out of hurting yourself. Zeenat cries and says forget Kabir, you dont have a choice but to get married, we are lost, we lost this war. Ruksaar weeps. Zeenat says I am sorry I couldnt do anything for you. Ruksaar says no, dont worry, we didnt lose this war nor we lost my Kabir. Ruksaar says to Zeenat that Kabir is mine only, if he cant be mine then he cant of Zara too, Zeenat says you are too angry right now, listen to me. Ruksaar says I promised myself that my palanquin will leave this house but before that Zara’s deadbody will leave this house. Zeenat is shocked. Ruksaar evilly laughs and then cries. Zeenat hugs her and looks on.

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