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Zeeworld: Game of Love Sunday 12th July 2020 Written update

Anika asks why are you forcing this child on Shivaye, you are doing wrong with your baby, husband and yourself too.

Tia says think anything, I don’t care. She slips and is about to fall about sharp thing. Anika holds her. Tia tells Pinky that Anika did this to make her fall. Pinky says if Anika did this, it will be her last day in this house. Some time before, Shivaye says it was private investigator’s call, none knows Shwetlana, as if she erased all her info, her info is there since she joined Tej as his secretary. She says it means she was swiped her past. He says yes, she is big threat, its not normal business rivalry, else I would have been target, if she took big risk to come and stay here, target is Oberoi family, she has come with some mission here, I will not let her fulfill her mission, she has to face me before reaching my family, I will die but not let my family get hurt. Anika says you are not alone in this fight, I m with you, your two brothers are your two shoulders, Om and Rudra, don’t worry, we will face Shwetlana and make her bite the dust. He holds her hand and says thanks, you are standing with me in such situation, it really means a lot. Tia comes and calls him out.

She says I have to go to doctor for checkup, shall I take appointment. He asks her to go anytime. She says you will come along. He asks why. She says because its not just my baby, its our baby, can you show a little bit of emotion atleast, please tell me will you come along or not. She sees Pinky passing by and acts to cry more. She asks Shivaye to please come with her. Pinky asks what happened Tia, why are you crying. Tia says Shivaye does not want to come with me to meet doctor. Pinky asks why. Shivaye says I m busy. Pinky says I can see where you are busy, you are going to become father, its your child, you have time for useless people and not for child. You are going with Tia to meet doctor. Tia asks shall I take Friday appointment. Shivaye says fine, I will let you know. Pinky asks him to just say, he will go. Shivaye says I said I will let her know and leaves.

At college, Priyanka sees Ranveer. She asks driver to go, she will come herself. She asks Ranveer why did you come. He says I came to meet my would be wife, shall we sit in car. She says I know you are not a bad person, you saved me from goons, why are you doing this, you are just pretending to be bad. He says wrong, I did not save you that I worry for you. I saved you as I don’t want anyone else to torture you, as its just my right to torture you. She gets shocked.

Tia stops Anika and asks her not to fly much. Anika says you hatched the wings. Tia says you have no status of your own. Anika says Shivaye has showed your status just now. Tia says if you think Shivaye did not wish to go with me, let me tell me, it does not matter to me. Anika asks don’t you have mind, you say you don’t care and sometimes you want him around, none respects you, atleast you respect yourself. Tia asks really, you are talking of respect, Shivaye signed divorce papers, where did your self respect go, you are still here, till when will you have food for free, by what relation are you staying here. Anika says some relations are not dependent on papers, every relation doesn’t need name, our relation is based on trust, which you can’t understand, relation means giving, not taking, I don’t know what you want from Shivaye, I don’t want anything from him, I just want to see him happy, I know he has a caring heart, I can’t see bad happening with him, I m here to save him from you and bring your truth out. Tia says aw, you do anything, you will not get Shivaye, Shivaye will become mine, I m waiting for that day, I will enjoy to see you in pain.

Ranveer holds Priyanka and asks her to come. They sit in his jeep. She asks where are you taking me. He says my mood is good, I thought to take you for a film. She says I don’t want to watch any film. He says its good film, its story of a girl who gets married to a guy who tortures her all her life, who knows you will find this story like yours. She gets tensed.

Tia says I will show you your status. Anika says I think you should think of your child, you are fighting using is as shield, why are you doing wrong with baby, pregnant woman should stay happy, don’t you think you should be with your husband and spend time with him. Tia recalls Robin’s death and asks her to shut up. Anika asks her not to make child away from his father, as no one can love the child more than real father, you are not doing wrong with just Shivaye, you are doing wrong with your child, husband and yourself, think once Tia. Tia asks how dare you, who are you to give me suggestion, I don’t care. She walks ahead and slips. Tia is about to fall over the show piece, having a pointed stick. Anika holds Tia and asks are you fine. Anika gets hurt. Shivaye looks on. Tia goes. Anika sees her hand.

Soumya asks Rudra did you notice Priyanka, she stays worried, she does not mix up with everyone well, I think something is bothering her. Rudra calls out Priyanka. He asks are you fine. Priyanka says yes, why. Rudra says Sumo feels you are in some problem.

Shivaye says this will burn, you gotta be brave, are you ready. Anika nods. Shivaye holds her hand. She says strange, I have to get medicine applied and you are scared. He says this ointment will burn the skin, focus. She says its fine, apply. He looks at her hand. She says you have to apply it today itself. He says yes, I m coming. She holds his hand and makes him apply medicine. He screams and asks her to move hand. He blows on her wound. She laughs. He calls her strange to laugh. She says what to do, I got the wound and you are feeling the pain. He says yes, so…. you are careless, you will get hurt, take care. She looks at him.

Rudra asks Priyanka to say if there is any problem. Priyanka says there is nothing, and goes. Rudra says Sumo, you did not eat your fav chips, you are taking stress and giving tension to others too. He goes. Soumya looks on. Pinky asks Tia to take care. Tia says I m afraid, if I fell and anything happened to baby. Pinky says stop crying now. Tia says big tragedy was happening with me, I was so upset and Shivaye is with Anika even now. Pinky says he has gone mad, wait I will call him. Tia says he will come if you call, but his mind and heart will be with Anika, since I told him about my pregnancy, he changed and stays away, its not his mistake, its Anika’s mistake, she makes him against me, I hope Anika’s plans don’t affect Shivaye and my abby. She smiles.

Anika says it was not about Tia, it was about Tia’s child, what’s that child’s mistake. Shivaye says you and Tia don’t like each other, even then you worry for her child. She says children are children, why should children bear punishment for parents’ mistakes. He says you are right. She says children should get both the parents, because its tough to grow up without parents’ shadow, there is nothing bad than being an orphan in the world. Pinky says this child is Oberoi’s heir, I will not let anything happen to this child. Tia says I m scared, Anika can do something to my child to take revenge from me. Pinky asks why are you saying this.

Anika says nothing hurts more than loneliness, when none is with you to bless you with love, when your presence and absence do not matter to anyone, it hurts a lot. Tia says it was not my mistake, I was walking carefully, I slipped suddenly, I was so tensed, Anika was there, I m sure Anika did something to make me fall, so that my baby…. Pinky says if Anika really did this, it will be her last day in this house today.

Mrs. Kapoor says I don’t have to do much to send Daima’s clip to Om, just one click. Shivaye worries. Om asks Shivaye why did you hide such big thing from me. Some time before, Tia says I m sure Anika did something to make me fall, so that my baby…. Pinky says if Anika really did this, it will be her last day in this house today. Tia messages Shwetlana. Shwetlana pours oil on the floor and goes. Tia says this is the place where I slipped. Pinky also slips a bit and says there is oil here. Tia says it means Anika has done this to make me fall, she told me if I don’t leave the house, she will make me leave her way. Pinky says I will see her.

Om says I don’t understand when we know Shwetlana is lying and targeting Shivaye, why don’t we expose her. Shivaye says we have to find out the mastermind, why she is doing this and on whose saying, its possible if she stays in front of our eyes. Anika says we can track Shwetlana and stop her, if real enemy is someone else, we won’t know the next attack happening and by whom. Rudra says even my smart mind says the same, we should wait and watch. Om agrees. Shivaye says I know its tough for you to bear her, but we want to make her leave from Tej and Jhanvi’s life forever, right. Om says right.

Shwetlana talks to Tia and Rumi on call. She says impossible, its not so easy to understand our plan, till they understand, we will succeed. Tia says how is this possible, they doubt on you. Rumi says that’s good, they will focus on Shwetlana, that means we can carry forward this plan. Shwetlana says exactly, you both have to carry out this plan, we will play our next plan tonight. They smile.

Anika’s mangalsutra gets stuck in hair. Shivaye comes to her and holds her hair. O jaana……..plays……….. He frees her mangalsutra from her hair. She looks at him. He recalls their marriage. He says its done, I know I m much good looking, it does not mean you keep staring at me. She asks who is staring. He says its just we two in this room, so you. She says its nothing like that, I was seeing that wall, you got in between, its not my mistake, and you thought I was staring at you. He asks what does Taadna mean.

She says if anyone eyes someone like that, you are not Hrithik Roshan that I will stare at you, how did you know I was staring at you, its because you were staring at me. He says truth is ….. you were checking me out. She says I m not a teacher and you are not maths book that I will check you. He says that’s not checking out. She asks what does that mean. He says stay there and looks at her. He says you know when anyone sees someone like this, its called check out. She says you felt I m seeing you with 2 rs eyes, for your information, I will tell you I m a nice girl and I can’t do such 2 rs cheap thing. He smiles and looks at her. His phone rings. She says its ringing and you are saying me. He says last word should always be yours. She asks what. He says I will explain later.

He checks call. He meets Mrs. Kapoor and asks why did you call me here. She says I came to meet Tia, you forgot Tia has your baby in her womb, she was falling down and you were doing Anika’s aid, what’s going on. He says Anika got hurt while saving Tia, Tia’s life got saved because of Anika. She says I did not come to hear Anika’s praise, I want to know till where did the divorce proceedings reached, no answer, did you change mind. He says I don’t like anyone questioning me. She says I don’t like anyone keeping me on dark. He says you are threatening me. She says I m reminding I m Daima’s statement recording. He recalls Daima’s words and asks her to stop it, I have signed divorce papers. She says I have a bad habit, I can’t wait, especially when I know other person can do work soon, I don’t have to do much to send Daima’s recording to Om, just one click and its done. She smiles and goes. He worries.

Its morning, Shivaye on call asks investigator to find out about Shwetlana’s past, just keep digging. He sees Om and calls him out. Om says I don’t need to talk. Shivaye asks what’s the matter. Om asks why did you hide such a big thing from me. Shivaye asks what. Om shows the phone and asks why did you not tell me about this video. Shivaye recalls Daima’s words. Om says you knew everything and did not tell me. Shivaye says this video does not mean anything. Om says it means everything to me. Shivaye says life and everything will be same. Om says everything will change by this. Anika asks whats it. Shivaye says nothing. Om says I got it from confirmed source. Shivaye says its rubbish. Anika says I have to see it.

Shivaye says no one can see it. Om asks why can’t she see, her husband won businessman award. Anika asks really. Om says yes, my journalist friend has sent me clip, Shivaye is winning businessman of the year award. Anika says you will become bigger Tadibaaz. Om asks Shivaye why did you not tell me. Shivaye says Tej has won this since 15 years. Om says this award came in right house since 15 years but to wrong man, but this year its coming in right house and to right man, I m proud of you that you are my brother. He hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says you are my brother. Rudra calls them out and asks Obro moment without me. Om asks him to come. Shwetlana looks at them and calls Rumi, asking her to send video to Rudra.

Rudra hugs and kisses them. He gets the video and checks. Om says I think you got same clip. Rudra says video is not opening, whats the matter. Shivaye says nothing, its regular news. He goes. Om says Shivaye won businessman of the year award and shows video. Rudra asks him to take his useless phone and goes to Shivaye. He says I finally realized there is someone great like me staying in this house, you are great. Shivaye says I understood. Om says I will see how many GF’s Rudra has. Om checks video and gets shocked seeing Priyanka’s MMS.

Shwetlana looks on and says Omkara has seen video instead Rudra, player is one who does not cry on missing shot, but to make aim where the arrow has hit. Rumi smiles. Rudra asks Om to come for Obro moment. Om rushes. Rudra asks will he try everything on my phone, maybe he went to show video to Dadi.

Om worries and throws the phone. Sahil picks the phone and comes to Om. He asks what happened. Om wipes his tears. Om says there is no problem. Sahil says it does not look so. Om takes phone from him and says I m fine Sahil, something went in my eye. Sahil says okay and goes. Rumi calls Om. She asks did you see video, I won’t ask how was it, you are Priyanka’s brother, what you have seen is just a teaser, picture is still left. He asks who are you and what do you want. She says don’t think of reaching me, else what you have seen now, world will see it. She talks cheap. Om says don’t you dare. She asks him to use his senses. Om thinks why will anyone get after Priyanka, does she know about accident, if this comes out in front of the world, Priyanka will break down. She says if you want to save Priyanka’s respect, listen to me. Sahil looks at Om. Rumi tells something. Om says fine. He sees Shwetlana and says whom is she talking to, did she call me. Shwetlana goes. Om says where is she going.

Anika asks Shivaye to wear specific suit. Om leaves. Shivaye asks Anika to stay at home. Anika leaves with him. Shwetlana says race started, who knows when and how it ends, lets see to which result this game reaches. Tej says I feel suffocated by our relation. Jhanvi asks him to kill her. He pushes her and asks her to stop it. Pinky holds Jhanvi. Some time before, Anika asks Shivaye which one will you wear. He says I already changed. She says I know, I m asking about wearing in award ceremony. She suggests the purple one. He says you mean wine color. She says I don’t remember award names, Oscars, you will look fair hero wearing this.

He says its just an award function. She says its big thing, you should go as hero. He asks how do you know this color will suit me. She says I have seen you many times wearing this color. He says it means you always check me out. She asks you think I m Tadaka that I will stare at you, you should look amazing, its big award, you should look so good that heroes get jealous, look this way, you are getting shy, you are like Lajwanti type. He asks what does it mean. She asks did you tell me meaning of blush, I had to find it, you also find out. He says fine, I will find out. She says you are businessman of the year, you should try. He says you are just mad and goes.

Om follows Shwetlana. Shivaye sees Om leaving and calls him out. He says where did he go. Sahil says I know, he spoke to someone angrily, he has seen video or pic on phone and left. Shivaye recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words and thinks did she really send video to Om.

Tia cries and wishes happy birthday to Robin. She sees his pic in phone and sings birthday song. She gets Shwetlana’s call. Shwetlana asks why are you disconnecting my call. Tia says you can leave me alone for some time, its my Robin’s birthday today, we had many plans for his birthday. Shwetlana says we have made other plans too, we have to concentrate, did Om leave from home. Tia says I don’t know, I will check. Shwetlana sees Om and says he left and he is following me according to our plan. Om hides. Tia says Shivaye is also following you, this was not our plan, even Anika is following. Shwetlana says whatever happens, stop Shivaye and Anika, Om is following me according to our plan. She leaves. Om goes after her. Pinky says I have to talk to you. Shivaye says I have to leave, its urgent. Pinky says you have no time for me, you have time to take Anika out. He says you are mistaken, I will come back and talk. Shivaye and Anika go. Pinky says I will remove Anika from your life. Tia smiles.

Shivaye asks Anika to stay at home, I don’t want you to fall in problem. Anika says if danger is for you, its for me too, I m also going with you, don’t argue, you know you can’t win. They leave in the car. Tej asks Jhanvi where is Shwetlana. She asks how would I know. He says she is not at home and is not answering my call, you might have told her something that made her leave home. She says you are blaming me. He says fine, you told her to leave home in this state, you pushed her from the stairs, you are capable of anything. She says you are saying this, show me some respect. He says I respect that Jhanvi, not this, you changed completely. She gets angry and says you changed, I wish I could change like you, but I can’t. She throws things angrily and cries.

She says I can’t get annoyed with you, you know why, when man gets annoyed, woman breaks down, when woman gets annoyed, house breaks, I left my self respect, career and life for this house, you snatched our happiness for that Shwetlana, like this relation does not matter to you, I don’t matter to you, did you not think of children, why. He says Shwetlana risked her life and saved my life. She asks does she not have her own home, can’t you provide medical aid at her home. He says there is no use to talk to you. She asks him to stop.

Tia says I miss you Robin, you know your birthday gift is Anika’s death, I m going to take revenge from Anika, I wish I was there to see Anika drying, I think I should be there, how can I miss such big happiness, happy birthday to you, I will call you by your real name, happy birthday Dushyant. She hugs his pic. Sahil hears this. She says its sad we are not together, trust me, your feeling, memories are always with me. Sahil says what is she talking.

Jhanvi asks Tej where are you going, are you going after Shwetlana. He asks why are you jealous. She says I m not jealous or insecure, its wife’s right to stop husband from doing mistake. He says I m not your slave to obey your order. She says I m requesting you, we are husband and wife. He says its problem that we are husband and wife. She gets angry. He says see the way you are behaving, you changed. She says you forced me. He says no, you forced me.

She says if Shwetlana comes in this house, it won’t be good for you. They argue. He asks what will you do. She says my anger came out as pain, if my pain come out as anger, it won’t be good for you. He says I m going to get Shwetlana. She says please Tej, don’t go, everything will get ruined. He says there is nothing between us Jhanvi. She asks what did you say, is there nothing between us. He says truth is our relation is just namesake, I feel suffocated from this relation, marriage and you. She says you feel suffocated, then why don’t you kill me by your hands. She makes him beat her. He asks her to stop it and pushes her. Pinky holds Jhanvi. Tej says you have gone crazy.

Shwetlana smiles seeing Om following her. Shivaye and Anika follow Om. Shwetlana says race started, who knows when and how it ends, lets see to which result this game reaches. Shivaye calls Om. Anika asks where are we going, is Om in trouble. He asks her to shut up. She gets hurt and asks did you not see pit. He says this is car, not plane to fly. He says its your mistake, why did you not wear seat belt. She says you don’t know what to do when someone gets hurt, you should not scold. He holds her. She looks at her. He says you do things to get scolding. She says sorry. He asks why. She says you are already worried and had to stop car because of me.

He says its good you understood you are stupid. She says you are tadibaaz. He asks why are you seeing that way. She says I don’t want to talk. He says if I have to talk. She says why, I m stupid. He says turn this way, I have to talk. He goes to her side and leans to tie seat belt. She looks at him and asks what are you doing. He ties the seat belt. He holds her hair and get that out of the belt strap. He says sit carefully now, if you get hurt, its not my responsibility now.

Shwetlana says I m reaching, do something of Shivaye, else our plan will flop, Shivaye should not reach Om. Rumi says don’t worry. Shivaye calls Om and says answer the call. Om sees call and does not answer. Anika says I think storm is going to come. Shivaye stops the car and says there are two ways, don’t know which way did Om go.

Shivaye holds his chest and feels unwell. Anika asks are you fine. He asks her to go, I got you here and speaking well, you think you are my wife, stop it Anika. He acts rude to her. Some time before, Anika asks why did you stop the car. Shivaye says there are two ways, don’t know which way Om went. Rumi says which way ends where and when, who knows, sorry Shivaye, I will not let you guys reach Om. Anika shows the sign board. Shivaye drives ahead. Rumi changes the signs back. She calls Shwetlana. She says work is done, Shivaye and Anika can’t reach Om. Shwetlana says good and ends call.

Pinky asks Tej to have shame, Jhanvi is your wife, where is her anger wrong, will she keep sautan at home and nothing will happen to her. She says I told you not to let Shwetlana stay here. Jhanvi says Tej is not understanding me. Pinky says Shwetlana has made him blind, Tej has three children, who has to get married, which good family will not relate to our family, think of your age atleast. Tej asks her not to say in this matter. Pinky says I have to say, sort the problems with cool mind, end the fight. Tej says some things don’t end. Pinky says then end it forever, give divorce to your wife. Dadi shouts Pinky and gets shaken up. Pinky holds Dadi.

Anika says I think we came on wrong way. Shivaye asks did you understand it now. She says but board signed this way, I think it changed by wind. Shivaye calls Om and says answer the call Om. He hits the car to the tree. He tries to start the car again.

Dadi says I did not think, I will see this day in my life, you are not kids to explain you, you will become parents in law, what will you teach bahus and son in law, how will you manage family, its tough to manage relations, especially marriage, divorce did not happen in this family. Tej says its not necessary that whatever did not happen, it will not happen in future. He goes. Dadi holds Jhanvi. Jhanvi goes. Dadi says don’t know whose bad sight caught this house. Pinky curses Shwetlana. Dadi says its big sin to think bad like doing bad. Pinky says what shall I do, Shwetlana did bad. Dadi says we should think about family than outsiders. Pinky says Tej did limit, be strong and pull his ear, tell him to make Shwetlana out. Dadi says distance can’t be made short by forcing.

Shwetlana smiles seeing Om following her. She gets down her car. Om gets shocked. Shivaye calls him. Om does not answer. Shivaye gets angry seeing his phone getting off. Anika says what happened, call again. He says really, why did I not get this anger. She says anger eats up the senses. He asks her to try. She says your phone got … He says battery is dead. She asks why did you not tell me before. He asks for his phone. She says I did not get my phone.

Shwetlana goes away from the car. Om thinks it means Anika was right, Shwetlana is acting that she can’t walk. Om hides from her. She smiles and goes. Anika shows the house to Shivaye and says maybe we can get phone there, come. Shivaye and Anika get down the car. The stormy winds blow. Om follows Shwetlana. Shivaye holds his chest and feels dizzy. He looks at Anika and shouts get my medicines. She asks what Shivaye. He shouts glove box. She checks and gets medicines in glove box. He recalls doctor’s words that Shivaye’s condition is fine, if heart problem was not there, he would have been better. Anika stumbles and medicines fall away. Shivaye sees the tree branch falling and shouts Anika. Tree branch falls between them. They see each other.

Om thinks why did Shwetlana come there, maybe its that man on whose saying she is doing all this, I have to find out. He looks inside the window and shuts it, thinking its wrong, but I m doing this for family, I have to do this to bring her real face out. He goes.

Rumi checks car and smiles. She says Shivaye and Anika’s danger got away. Tia calls her and asks is everything fine. Rumi says its perfect, I have trapped Shivaye and Anika, they can’t reach Om and even home. Tia says make sure Anika does not return to Oberoi mansion. Rumi asks what do you mean. Tia smiles.

Anika and Shivaye get inside the house. She shuts the door. She asks are you fine, you don’t look fine. He says I m okay, its just dust allergy. She asks what’s troubling you, tell me. He says stop it, I got you here and speaking well, you have become my wife. She asks why are you saying this, its not like that. He says just stop it Anika and gets his hand free. She gets jerk and falls away. He worries for her and asks did you get hurt. She cries and says I did not get hurt by fall, I got hurt by your words, Shivaye please…. He says like always, all my anger and frustration gets on you, I m sorry. She asks for today or whatever happened till now. He says you are right, whenever I get angry, my mind stops working, then I say anything, its my mistake, I m talking rubbish, sorry Anika.

She asks what’s troubling you, tell me. He says I can’t tell, its imp that I talk to Om right now, try to understand. She says fine. He says you agreed, you did not argue. She says you said you can’t say, maybe its big thing. He asks did you not feel bad that I refused to say. She says I know you would have said if you could, if you are not saying, it will be for someone’s good, for you other’s good is before yours. He looks at her and holds her hand.

Om gets inside the door and sees Shwetlana talking. He thinks I won’t better chance to get proof against her. He sees her gone and looks around.

Anika says if you talk to Om, all tension will be gone. He asks how will I talk, you did not get your phone and my phone does not have battery. She recalls and says its charger right, big box and wire. He says power bank. She says I think I have seen it in glove box, I will get it. He shouts stop Anika, there is storm outside. She says I don’t care of winds and storm.

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