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12 Reasons Why Women Gain Weight After Marriage

As you walk away from singlehood and enter into wedlock, there are many changes that take place in a life of a couple. According to a study published in a daily journal ‘The Obesity’, 82% couples average weight gain after marriage up to 5-10 kg after 5 years of their marriage and this increase of weight is mostly seen among women.

Interestingly, couples who live together but are not yet married did not experience any major weight gain issues. So, is marriage the problem? Is weight gain after marriage an issue?

You must have heard this a million times, and might have said this yourself too – that one puts on weight after marriage. Most newly weds go through this stage where they feel their waist going up an inch or two, and unless they take preventive measures there, they are likely to gain fat thereon. 

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Yes, ladies, the weighing machine will start showing numbers you don’t want to see. Your body undergoes hormonal changes after marriage and so does your metabolism. Before marriage shedding 5 kg would be a month’s task, but after marriage this simple weight loss plan would seem impossible. 

So let’s face it it’s normal to gain weight after marriage. But the question is why women gain weight after marriage? What are the reasons for which she can’t keep those extra kilos away.

1. Feasting with fun after the wedding

You diet to fit into the wedding outfit. Once the wedding is over and you’re set for the honeymoon, that’s when the feasting starts. With a companion in tow, you have all the reason to sample a variety of cuisines. As you settle into the new life and routines, the frequency of eating out increases. As a couple, you have meals together and most women end up preparing delicacies that are as fattening as they are delicious.

2. Plenty of sex changes the equation

You might have made out with your partner before marriage. But once married, sex is just a hug away. In the initial years, you end up having sex more often. While sex itself is known to burn calories, but cravings after sex…you know what they do! After an exhaustive sex session, you crave cakes, ice creams and anything sweet. And this is sure going makes you think – does sex make women fat? Well, now you know why fitting into old college tank top seems like a dream once married. Yes sex and it’s aftermath is one of the reasons women put on weight after marriage.

3. Daily routine goes for a toss

There are no particular routines to be followed when you are single. As a married woman, you have to cook, clean and manage a home and a new family. You hardly get time to think about yourself. Everything in your life is dictated by the needs of the family, leaving very little or no time to spend on your well being. One starts to place the responsibilities before, and women give up on working out or hitting the gym. That is when weight begins to head northwards.

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4. Stress level increases

While managing personal and professional life, you pass through stressful times. When one is stressed, you either end up eating too much or too little, which automatically shows in the body weight. Stress also brings about changes in the metabolism of the body, making you gain weight easily. Stress leads to weight gain after marriage.

5. Sedentary lifestyle and neglect

With all your energies focused on managing the house and family, you look for a comfort zone. The only physical exercise is doing household chores. that too only of you do not have any hired help/ With no exercise, your body piles on the fat and women end up looking bulky. Ironically, most women don’t even realise that they are getting into the ‘I am not fit’ zone.

6. Metabolic rate reduces

Nowadays, youngsters prefer getting hitched after crossing 30 years. According to age health experts, after 30, the metabolic rate starts decreasing and people gain more weight. With hormonal changes taking place within the body after marriage, it becomes a challenge of sorts to maintain ideal body weight. This is more so for women, who gain more weight than men. This is why it is normal to gain weight after marriage.

7. Socialising and peer pressure

Once married, party invitations keep coming and as a couple, you end up attending most of them. Call it a social obligation or being courteous, you go to the parties just to register your presence. Once at the party all you do is eat, dance and be happy. This is when you experience average weight gain after marriage. Devouring party food guilt-free is one thing, but what about the extra kilos?

8. Change in attitude towards self

Before marriage, you would spend hours in front of the mirror. Get jittery if a pimple showed up on your face. Women tend to spend time on their figure and beauty, and are quite conscious. After marriage your attitude towards grooming and looking good changes and that’s why weight gain does not bother many. You settle into the mode of being comfortable and do not flinch when dresses do not fit you anymore. It is only when you fall ill or develop medical problems that truth strikes you.

9. Family and its eating habits

If you married into a family that believes in eating well and living comfortably, then fitness will take a backseat. Elaborate cooking, sweet and fried delicacies, frequent unhealthy binging all make up for those added inches at the waist. But if your husband is a health freak then you might start following a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, chances are you will end up looking like a fat aunty who is happy to carry her weight with a smile

10. Taking life easily

Some women think of getting married like clearing all the hurdles. You clear college, have a job and get married and get settled. Some of us give up our careers and get into the habit of living a relaxed life. The usual routine is work, eat and sleep. With so much rest, you gain weight which is natural. Moreover, women tend to do nothing much about it, except blame it on hormones.

11. Pampering by new family and friends

With marriage, you inherit a new family and friends. They will pamper you and offer new dishes to taste. You ultimately give in to the pampering and start eating too much and the results will reflect when you stand on the weighing machine

12. Eating leftover food

One of the common reasons is that most married women are called ‘leftover queens’. The idea of wasting food scares homemakers. In order to ensure the cooked food is not wasted, women end up eating it either for breakfast or dinner. This increases their appetite and they add weight. This is one of the main reasons for weight gain after marriage.

There is a no harm in gaining a few “extra happy” kilos post marriage but one should ensure that this weight gain does not go out of hand. One should know when to draw the line in binge eating and socialising and come back to a routine. Because marriage is a long journey and you can’t keep picking up weight all the way.

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