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Angry Residents Protest After A Watchman Was Brutally Murdered

Residents Kathengeri woke to shock after a watchman was brutally murdered while the other one is nursing serious injuries in a hospital.

The angry residents have today barricaded Embu Meru, high way in Kenya claiming that the issues of insecurities have really increased in the area.This happens after an incident of a watchman was attacked yesterday night and brutally killed.

According to the residents the incident that happened yesterday night, just happened near police station and no action was taken and this was not the first time an incident similar to this was happening.

The residents are asking the government to intervene and have called for the transfer of all the police officers in the area claiming they are barely doing nothing to protect the residents.

The deputy County commissioner has been having a hard time trying to calm the residents but the angry residents claimed they won't stop until all the police officers are transferred.

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