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Bobrisky Reveals Why He Changed to a Woman Stating That Men Are He-Goat (Photos)

Nigerian popular cross dresser, Bobrisky has revealed why he made a switch in gender. From male to being a female. 

He took to Instagram to explained that he switched from being a man to a woman because a lot of man act like he goats.

Bobrisky explained that he received a DM from a fan who was a victim of domestic violence and he couldn’t why someone would attack a woman if he is not an animal.

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He went on to address women who advice their fellow women to remain in abusive relationships because of their kids. Bob explained that it is a stupid suggestion and should not be entertained.

He wrote: “I just open a fan dm now and she sent her pic of her face plastered everywhere. I’m upset 😡. Dis is y I left d men group chat and join d female group. I think all d men our mothers are producing lately are stupid he goat 🐐 🙄🙄🙄.”

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