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Drama as Crowd forces Lady to accept her boyfriend’s Marriage proposal (video)

A video shared online shows the moment a Nigerian man lied down on the ground to propose to his girlfriend but she rejected it and said “am Not Ready”

In the Video shared by Odincenews on Instagram, the man can be seen begging the Lady to accept his proposal as onlookers, and friends compel her to accept the Ring.

The young Lady walked away and they followed her to the next spot and keep begging her.

She said “i don’t love you, i don’t want to marry you, please leave me alone, am not ready for marriage”

Despite the Young Lady’s explanation, the young man can be seen crying and begging her to accept the ring while the crowd also beg.

In a short while, the lady walked away again and they keep following her until a woman came out and joined, explaining to the lady how much the young man loves her but she said the did not tell her he was going to marry her but the crowd told her “it’s a sign of true love”

when the pressure became too much, the Lady finally accepted the ring and they hugged each other, the crowd was happy and clapped for them.

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